Ellen Wilkinson

Standard Name: Wilkinson, Ellen


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Friends, Associates Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR 's friends included novelist Elizabeth Robins , Theodora Bosanquet (spokesperson for British Federation of University Women and one-time secretary of Henry James ), MP Ellen Wilkinson (despite of their different stance on party politics)...
Friends, Associates Phyllis Bentley
At a dinner party at Vera Brittain 's Chelsea house, PB met Naomi Mitchison , Cecil Roberts , and Ellen Wilkinson .
Brittain, Vera. Chronicle of Friendship. Editor Bishop, Alan, Gollancz.
Friends, Associates Ethel Mannin
Reynolds was a friend of Mahatma Gandhi , and had been entrusted with Gandhi's historic letter to the British viceroy during the Civil Disobedience Campaign.
Huxter, Robert. Reg and Ethel. Sessions Book Trust.
Croft, Andy. “Ethel Mannin: The Red Rose of Love and the Red Flower of Liberty”. Rediscovering Forgotten Radicals: British Women Writers 1889-1939, edited by Angela Ingram and Daphne Patai, University of North Carolina Press, pp. 205-25.
EM herself met, through the Independent Labour Party
Intertextuality and Influence Catherine Cookson
CC did research on the ground, interviewing the oldest inhabitants she could find and reading Ellen Wilkinson .
CC 's biographer mentions a book by Wilkinson (the much-loved member of parliament Red Ellen) called...
Occupation Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Women contributors ranged widely: Rebecca West , Stella Benson , Cicely Hamilton , Members of Parliament Lady Nancy Astor and Ellen Wilkinson , Virginia Woolf , Naomi Mitchison , E. M. Delafield , Rose Macaulay
Occupation Mary Agnes Hamilton
During these years, beginning in the Second World War, she worked in the Ministry of Information (where she became head of the American section), the Committee of Ministers for Reconstruction (from spring 1941), the Ministry...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
The movement of this bill involved many prominent women in the House of Commons : it had been introduced by Margaret Bondfield , the nation's first female cabinet minister, while Jennie Lee , Lady Cynthia Moseley
politics Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
The group's agenda was to obtain legislative improvements in child-assault laws, the position of unmarried mothers, equality of both parents in guardianship rights, equal pay for teachers, equal civic service opportunities for women and men...
politics Dora Russell
After gaining the support of the Labour Women's Conference and of individuals like Dorothy Jewson , MP, and Ellen Wilkinson (who became an MP on 29 October 1924), DR participated with others in founding the...
politics Catherine Cookson
She made her donations to St Hilda's and Girton despite the fact that she did not call herself a feminist and tended to think of feminism as an attempt to make women more like men....
politics Eleanor Rathbone
Not surprisingly, Rathbone's progressive ideals about women and feminist activism were weighed down by the cultural contexts (British and international) in which she was immersed. She had an imperfect understanding of the ways in which...
Textual Features Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR humbly considers herself merely a normal person,
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda,. This Was My World. Macmillan.
writing what she has seen with the eyes of the mind.
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda,. This Was My World. Macmillan.
The work is not a complete reconstruction of her life, since it wraps...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Fleur Adcock
This brings together a widely disparate collection: her latest poems, and others from longer ago which did not fit the themes of recent specialized volumes. Adcock writes on admired individuals (including Ellen Wilkinson , Britain'...
Travel Eleanor Rathbone
ER travelled to Spain with her colleagues Ellen Wilkinson , Dame Rachel Crowdy , and the Duchess of Atholl for ten days as observers in the Republican-dominated cities of Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia.
Stobaugh, Beverly. Women and Parliament, 1918-1970. Exposition Press.


29 October 1924: Ellen Wilkinson was elected as the Labour...

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29 October 1924

Ellen Wilkinson was elected as the Labour Party 's first woman MP.

1928: After Ellen Wilkinson's four-year campaign,...

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After Ellen Wilkinson 's four-year campaign, women secretaries of Ministers and opposition leaders were granted the same right as male secretaries to eat in the Strangers' Dining Room.

30 May 1929: Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of...

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30 May 1929

Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of the Conservatives in the first general election with full women's suffrage: the prospect of voting by women under thirty brought the demeaning nickname of the Flapper Election....

1 April 1936: Eight of the nine women Members of Parliament...

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1 April 1936

Eight of the nine women Members of Parliament in the House supported Ellen Wilkinson 's amendment seeking to provide equal pay for women in the civil service.

22 May 1936: The Peace Pledge Union was founded by Canon...

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22 May 1936

The Peace Pledge Union was founded by Canon Dick Sheppard .

5 October-1 November 1936: Ellen Wilkinson (nicknamed Red Ellen), Member...

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5 October-1 November 1936

Ellen Wilkinson (nicknamed Red Ellen), Member of Parliament for the shipbuilding town of Jarrow, led two hundred unemployed men on a Hunger March from their hometown to London.

3 August 1945: Ellen Wilkinson (Labour) became the first...

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3 August 1945

Ellen Wilkinson (Labour) became the first female Minister of Education.


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