Edward Austen Knight

Standard Name: Knight, Edward Austen


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Austen
He changed his name to Edward Austen Knight and moved to live with his adoptive parents. As a landowner he later had the means to provide a home for his widowed mother and his sisters...
Reception Jane Austen
Austen's status in the English-speaking world is not so far equalled among, for instance, French speakers. Valérie Cossy noted in March 2006 that (largely on account of inaccurate and inadequate translations) [v]ery few people in...
Residence Jane Austen
After four and a half years they had a permanent home again, provided for them by Edward Austen Knight on his Chawton estate. The red-brick cottage stands in the main road of the village, only...


July 2003: Chawton House in the village of Chawton in...

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July 2003

Chawton House in the village of Chawton in Hampshire, once owned by Jane Austen 's brother Edward Austen Knight , opened its doors as Chawton House Library , a research centre in women's writing.


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