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Education Constance Smedley
She later attended King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham. While there she entered a competition for reciting poems by Robert Browning , and wrote to ask him for his own interpretation...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Russell Mitford
It had been planned as one volume, then as two. This production history, said Mitford, had left it overloaded with civil notes, and too full of carelessnesses and trifling repetitions.
Mitford, Mary Russell. The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters To Her Friends. Editor L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, Harper and Brothers.
2: 160
According to Richard C. Sha
Reception Jane Austen
In July 2009 Chawton House Library marked the two-hundredthth anniversary of JA 's settling in Hampshire with a highly successful conference on new directions in scholarship about her. In November 2009-March 2010 the Morgan Library and Museum
Textual Production Hannah More
HM was a formidably energetic letter-writer all her life, from her early visits to London, which produced scintillating and gossippy letters home, to her old age. Individual collections reached print, like those to Zachary Macaulay
Textual Production Jane Austen
Volume the Third was bought by the British Library . The incomplete manuscript of The Watsons was bought at this sale by a private buyer who placed it on deposit at Queen Mary and Westfield College
Textual Production Frances Burney
Among the early works which FB had destroyed was The History of Caroline Evelyn. Her new heroine is the unacknowledged daughter of her former heroine, the dead Caroline Evelyn. Much of the early work...
Textual Production Catharine Macaulay
There is no extensive collection of manuscripts by CM , but letters by her are held in various libraries in the USA: the Rhode Island Historical Society , the Boston Public Library , the...


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