Sir Joshua Reynolds

Standard Name: Reynolds, Sir Joshua


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Dedications Elizabeth Cobbold
EC (as Eliza Knipe) published Six Narrative Poems by subscription, at London, dedicated to Sir Joshua Reynolds .
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
64 (1787): 308
Education Maria Callcott
MC later remembered this, like her former school, as anti-intellectual. She was warned against too much study. I used to hear that it was a pity I was not a boy . . . but...
Education Jane Marcet
Jane Haldimand was educated at home, where she read widely in both English and French. She had lessons from tutors in mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy (the last-named a close relation of modern science. Her...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Reynolds
The painter Sir Joshua Reynolds (estranged brother of FR ) died of liver disease at his house in Leicester Square, London.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Sir Joshua Reynolds
Family and Intimate relationships Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
The senior Wilmots' circle of friends included people still remembered, like Hannah More , David Garrick , Sir Joshua Reynolds , and Lady Charlotte Finch .
Barbarina Charlotte, Lady Grey,. A Family Chronicle. Lyster, GertrudeEditor , John Murray, 1908.
Valentine Wilmot had a taste for recklessness with...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Reynolds
Of five brothers, two died young, one became a naval officer and another an ironmonger. Joshua , who was six years older than Frances, became the most successful portrait painter of his generation. His life...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Fielding
SF 's most important sibling was her brother Henry , first as the eldest child and later as a highly successful novelist and playwright (as well as theatre manager and lawyer). She kept house for...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Palmer
The best-known among MP 's siblings was her brother Joshua , seven years her junior, whose work as a portrait painter eventually won him a knighthood and the first Presidency of the Royal Academy ...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Robinson
MR 's affairs with the prince and with Fox overlapped with the beginning of what turned out to be her most enduring relationship: with Banastre Tarleton , an army colonel and a pitiless hero in...
Friends, Associates Frances Burney
FB made friends in the older generation as well as her own. The whole Burney family loved and were loved by David Garrick . Sir Joshua Reynolds , who lived barely fifty yards away from...
Friends, Associates Hester Lynch Piozzi
Other Streatham habitueés were Sir Joshua Reynolds , Arthur Murphy , Edmund Burke , Oliver Goldsmith , Charles Burney , and David Garrick .
Clifford, James L. Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs Thrale). Clarendon Press, 1987.
Later came the young Frances Burney , who became a...
Friends, Associates Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
She was a well-known figure in London cultural circles, particularly that of the Bluestockings. Charles Burney called her at-home evenings blue conversazioni's and Horace Walpole called them quite Mazarine-blue. Others specifically mentioned in...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Cobbold
EC corresponded with members of the London scientific intelligentsia: Sir James Edward Smith , first President of the Linnean Society (who encouraged Charlotte Smith to introduce botanical information into her novels, but proved singularly unhelpful...
Friends, Associates Phillis Wheatley
Her enumeration of those she met in London is impressive, including several noblemen, Benjamin Franklin , the scientist Daniel Solander , the religious poet and hymn-writer Thomas Gibbons , the abolitionist Granville Sharp (who took...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Here she began to gather the circle of friends which by the end of her long life had touched every cranny of English society. She had already met Edmund Burke in Bristol the previous September...


John Williams 's Method to Learn to Design the Passions, translated from a manual by French painter Charles Le Brun , appeared; it proved highly influential.
December 1768
George III signed the papers for establishing the Royal Academy of Arts . Angelica Kauffman or Kauffmann was among the twenty-eight founding members who first met in January 1769 to hear an address by Sir Joshua Reynolds
In a year when Sir Joshua Reynolds painted, as Girl Reading, his niece Theophila Palmer perusing Richardson 's Clarissa, five novels by women advertised their Clarissa kinship.
July 1773
The Westminster Magazine printed, along with its account of Oxford University 's annual degree-giving, an article by L. P.On the Propriety of Bestowing Academical Honours on the Ladies.
The complete set of addresses delivered over the years to students at the Royal Academy by Sir Joshua Reynolds was published as Fifteen Discourses on Art.
10 May to 14 August 1813
The British Institution held a retrospective exhibition of 141 paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds at its Pall Mall Picture Galleries: a major event of the social season, both cultural and patriotic.
Barchas, Janine. What Jane Saw.
November 2003
A painting by John Hoppner entitled Portrait of a Lady as Evelina (Frances Burney 's earliest heroine, born in January 1778) sold at Sotheby 's to an unnamed private buyer for £173,600.