Katherine Mansfield

Standard Name: Mansfield, Katherine
Birth Name: Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp
Nickname: Wig
Nickname: Kissienka
Married Name: Kathleen Mansfield Murry
Self-constructed Name: Katherine Mansfield
Pseudonym: Katherine Mansfield
Pseudonym: K. M.
Pseudonym: Boris Petrovsky
KM 's life was short and much of her writing experimental or oriented towards earning. Though contemporary reviewers sometimes condescended to her youth, gender, and magazine publication, she is now seen as one of our great modernists, her innovations so familiar as to be unnoticeable.
Gunn, Kirsty. “How the Laundry Basket Squeaked”. London Review of Books, No. 7, pp. 25 - 6.
As well as one of the most interesting and original short-story writers of the Modernist movement, she was a significant letter-writer and diarist. Her poetry, too, is of interest. Claire Tomalin remarked that her diary in particular has made her a cult figure for young women.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Black and white photograph of Katherine Mansfield, shown from the shoulders up. She is wearing a knitted cardigan with a V-neck and a broad collar, over a light shirt. She has chin-length dark hair and bangs.
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Black-and-white portrait photo of Katherine Mansfield. She is pictures in profile.
"Katherine Mansfield" by Bettmann, 1900-01-02. Retrieved from https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/katherine-mansfield-british-writer-photograph-news-photo/514882402. This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


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Dedications Susan Miles
With four books of verse behind her, SM issued her ambitious first novel, entitled Blind Men Crossing a Bridge, and dedicated to Katherine Mansfield .
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Education Tillie Olsen
At home the Lerner children learned Yiddish songs and made up silly plays.
Reid, Panthea. Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles. Rutgers University Press, 2010.
Tillie was a difficult child, skipping family chores to spend time at the public library, with its huge painting of...
Education Rumer Godden
RG 's determination to become a writer fuelled a continued self-education. Books were hard to come by in India, yet she managed to find and devour recent publications: Edith Sitwell 's Troy Park and Façade...
Education Carson McCullers
About this time she was reading voraciously: theBrontësisters , Russian novelists and dramatists, and British and American modernists including Katherine Mansfield and Gertrude Stein . Isak Dinesen was to come later.
Carr, Virginia Spencer. The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers. Doubleday and Co. Inc., 1975.
Dews, Carlos L., and Carson McCullers. “Chronology and Notes”. Complete Novels, Library of America, Literary Classics of the United States, 2001, pp. 807 - 27.
Education Philip Larkin
For ten years from 1930, as both a primary and a secondary-school student, PL attended King Henry VIII School in Coventry (now an independent school for both sexes, but founded in the sixteenth century as...
Family and Intimate relationships Ada Leverson
AL 's three sisters all married socially prominent Jewish husbands.
Burkhart, Charles. Ada Leverson. Twayne, 1973.
The youngest, Violet , married art collector and patron Sydney Schiff ; their circle included Wyndham Lewis , T. S. Eliot , Katherine Mansfield , and Proust .
Speedie, Julie. Wonderful Sphinx: The Biography of Ada Leverson. Virago, 1993.
Family and Intimate relationships Fleur Adcock
She later wrote, Marrying was what we did in those days.
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
She also told an interviewer that she had seen her husband across a crowded room and snapped him up for his physical beauty. He...
Family and Intimate relationships Tillie Olsen
Their next child (also, as the nurses said, just a girl) was born on 17 November 1943. She was named Katherine Jo Olsen for Käthe Kollwitz , Katherine Mansfield , Kate Kennedy (a pioneer of...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Brett
As well as sharing a house in Hampstead for some time with her close and loyal friend Mansfield , DB lived for a while with Mark Gertler as her lodger (who, however, was not her...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth von Arnim
EA made contact with Katherine Mansfield after discovering through Frank Swinnerton that Mansfield was a New Zealand cousin, formerly named Kathleen Beauchamp. A friendship ensued.
Usborne, Karen. "Elizabeth": The Author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden. Bodley Head, 1986.
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Brett
DB 's younger sister, Sylvia, later Lady Brooke , born in 1885, is herself of no minor literary significance. She authored numerous works including two autobiographies, romance novels, and short stories, and claimed J. M. Barrie
Fictionalization Elizabeth von Arnim
EA inspired a number of creative portraits by her contemporaries during the earlier part of her career. Probably the best-known is the character of Mrs Failing in E. M. Forster 's novel The Longest Journey...
Friends, Associates Dorothy Brett
The relationship between DB and Katherine Mansfield appears to have been one of mutual support, each engaging deeply with the other's work. Brett credits Mansfield with the beginning of her artistic career, She gave me...
Friends, Associates Ling Shuhua
The group's founders emphasised exchanges between Asian and British literary cultures; they named it after Rabindrath Tagore 's prose-poem collection The Crescent Moon (1903), after they brought Tagore to Beijing via the Society for Lectures on the New Learning
Friends, Associates Dorothy Brett
Travelling to Taos the first time in Lawrence's company, Brett had met Willa Cather and Harriet Monroe .
Brett, Dorothy. Lawrence and Brett. J. B. Lippincott Company, 1933.
On the whole, however, she did not pursue literary friendships in the USA. She continued her...


Alfred Richard Orage and Holbrook Jackson acquired the weekly reviewNew Age (founded in 1894).
Kindley, Evan. “Ismism”. London Review of Books, No. 2, pp. 33 - 5.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Orage
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From early summer 1915
Garsington Manor, near Oxford, the home of Lady Ottoline and Philip Morrell , became a centre for many pacifists, conscientious objectors, and non-pacifist critics of the war.
New Zealander Janet Frame published her first book (The Lagoon and Other Stories) as a patient at Seacliff Psychiatric Hospital : her emotional breakdown in 1947 had been mis-diagnosed as schizophrenia.
The seventy-eight-year-old Somerset Maugham confided to his former headmaster that he believed that the Order of Merit was something that they ought to award him, as the greatest living writer of English.