Alfred H. Miles

Standard Name: Miles, Alfred H.
Used Form: A. H. Miles


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Anthologization L. S. Bevington
LSB 's poems have been widely anthologized, in such collections as Alfred H. Miles ' The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century, and more recently in Victorian Women Poets: An Anthology,...
Anthologization Frances Power Cobbe
Another well-known hymn, written in 1859 and anthologized by A. H. Miles , begins with the line God draws a cloud over each gleaming morn. Cobbe also wrote verse later in her life, such...
Cultural formation Isabella Neil Harwood
Not much is known about INH 's early life or her life beyond her writing, except that she was born to Scottish and English parents of the professional class, who were Unitarians . As Richard Garnett
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Flower Adams
Sarah' s father, Benjamin Flower , was a political writer, a religious dissenter, and the editor and publisher of the Cambridge Intelligencer, which first published six of Coleridge 's early poems. In 1799 he...
Friends, Associates Caroline Bowles
CB rarely travelled far from her home in Lymington. After the death of her old nurse in 1824, she lived alone. Alfred H. Miles speculates that her parents' deaths tended to strengthen her nervous...
Literary responses Menella Bute Smedley
A generation later A. H. Miles declared that MBS was by nature a poet.
Miles, Alfred H., editor. The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. Routledge, 1907.
8: 328
Although Miles faulted her earlier poems for their tendency to mysticism,
Miles, Alfred H., editor. The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. Routledge, 1907.
8: 328
he claimed that many of her...
Literary responses Charlotte Elliott
Shortly after CE 's death, the New York Evangelist claimed that writing Just as I am was a higher honour than to have worn a crown,
“The Late Charlotte Elliott”. New York Evangelist, Vol. 46, No. 42, p. 2.
46.42 (16 November 1871): 2
and Theron Brown and...
Literary responses Christina Fraser-Tytler
Alfred H. Miles , in The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century, recorded a particular appreciation for Absolution, a poem here about a married woman who accidentally encounters a lover from...
Literary responses Felicia Hemans
As the Victorian period advanced, FH 's popularity with readers held firm, but critics became less enthusiastic. George Gilfillan published a substantial article on her in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine in 1847, placing her first in...
Literary responses Emily Hickey
Alfred H. Miles wrote that Miss Hickey's poems embrace many varieties of form and theme, from lyrics of love and nature to ballads of modern life and blank verse discussions of politico-economic and socialistic questions...
Literary responses Emily Hickey
Alfred Miles writes in response to this poem that EH is not merely an enthusiast or reformer; she is a Christian poet, penetrated with a poet's reverence for all that is fair in the past...
Literary responses Harriet Hamilton King
Eric Robertson in English Poetesses, 1883, suggested that HHK 's writings excelled those of Elizabeth Barrett Browning on the same topic in their truth and spontaneity.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 199. Gale Research, 1999.
199: 198
In the entry on HHK in...
Literary responses Adelaide Procter
The high opinions of many of AP 's contemporaries did not carry over into later assessments, although Eric Robertson in his English Poetesses, 1883, praised her for having reached the toiling busy thousands who...
Literary responses A. Mary F. Robinson
Reviewers found in it a naiveté and artlessness which clearly pleased them. The Academy found the poems so natural sometimes with their faults and their freshness that they affect one like voices out of the...
Literary responses A. Mary F. Robinson
Just a few years after the book was published, Alfred H. Miles in The Poets and the Poetry of the Century praised it by saying how sweet and fresh and fine, simple and unstrained always...


The first volume of The Poets and the Poetry of the Century, Alfred H. Miles 's 10-volume anthology with biocritical headnotes, appeared; the last was published in 1897.