Charlotte Elliott

Standard Name: Elliott, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Elliott
CE was a prolific author in the mid nineteenth century of religious lyrics, many of them hymns, which circulated in periodicals, annuals, and collections. Her enduring reputation rests on the hymn Just as I am—without one plea (although My God and Father while I stray and Christian, seek not yet repose also remain well-known). Erik Routley calls her [p]erhaps . . the most importantwoman hymn-writer . . . born in the eighteenth century.
Routley, Erik. Hymns and Human Life. John Murray, 1959.
Her hymns and poems depict the inevitability of human suffering, and embrace hardship and loss as roads to heaven. From around 1850 her works appeared in Anglican hymnals, and Just as I am—without one plea remains in the Lutheran Book of Worship.
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Black and white photograph of Charlotte Elliott. She sits at a slight angle to the camera, looking right. She wears a dark dress with white lace detail at the collar, and a white cap which covers most of her hair, with a few tight curls framing her face.
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Education Frances Ridley Havergal
FRH was an avid reader within limits: her selection of material was mostly dictated by her religious interests. After receiving a copy of a book about literary women she commented, The sad sketch of L. E. L.
Fictionalization Frances Ridley Havergal
The twentieth-century novelist Barbara Pym was planning at the time of her death to construct a novel around a Victorian hymn-writing woman like FRH or Charlotte Elliott —but it remained unwritten.
Pym, Barbara. A Very Private Eye. Holt, Hazel and Hilary PymEditors , Macmillan, 1984.


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