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Friends, Associates Flora Klickmann
Sir George Grove , then Secretary of the Crystal Palace, became and remained a personal friend, as did composer August Manns , who proposed marriage to her but was not accepted. She met other musical...
Occupation Flora Klickmann
As a music student FK had served as page-turner to some famous pianists performing at the Crystal Palace. After abandoning her concert performance ambitions she continued to play the organ for temperance or co-operative...
Publishing Jane Porter
The preface is dated in December 1809 at Long Ditton in Surrey—a country retirement which, she said, turned her thoughts back to childhood memories. This was one inspiration for the book, and another was...
Publishing Isabella Beeton
Many further editions, abridgements, and follow-up publications appeared in the following years, as Samuel Beeton and, following his failure, Ward, Lock and Co. capitalised on the book's success. As Sarah Freeman notes, later editions, which...
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
MEB 's sensation novel Lady Audley's Secret was serialised again, this time to its conclusion, in Ward and Lock 's Sixpenny Magazine; it appeared in volume form in October 1862.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland, 1979.
Publishing Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's mock-prophetic The Age of Science, A Newspaper of the Twentieth Century, published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler in 1877 as by Merlin Nostradamus, skewers the arrogance of medical professionals while taking...
Publishing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
SACD had sold the rights to Ward Lock on 26 November 1886 for the disappointing sum of £25. Ward Lock helped to get a sequel, The Sign of the Four, published in Lippincott's in...
Publishing Charlotte Eliza Humphry
In the preface, CEH explains that Manners for Women was designed as a counterpart to Manners for Men after several reviewers requested a follow-up guide for women. Some of the material, she explains, had already...
Publishing Henry James
It was first issued in Britain without authorization by Ward, Lock in their Favourite Authors, British and Foreign series.
Edel, Leon, Dan H. Laurence, and James Rambeau. A Bibliography of Henry James. Clarendon Press, 1982.
HJ wrote to his mother on 13 January 1878: Did I tell you it had...
Reception Mary Augusta Ward
Despite the fact that MAW had been a best-selling author, the poor showing of her recent books meant that Reginald Smith of Smith, Elder was for some time unable to place her next novel, the...
Textual Production Hannah Lynch
HL 's first novel, Through Troubled Waters, (dedicated to George Meredithas a slight token of a very sincere admiration),
Lynch, Hannah. Through Troubled Waters. Ward, Lock, and Co., 1885, p. viii, 460 pp.
was published by Ward, Lock and Co. in London.
Murphy, James H. Irish Novelists and the Victorian Age. Oxford University Press, 2011.
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Athenæum. J. Lection.
3004 (1885): 660
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Production L. T. Meade
LTM also wrote mysteries jointly with Robert Eustace (Eustace Robert Barton ), both in the form of magazine stories and of novels published with Ward, Lock and Co. The latter include A Master of...
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
Ward and Lock 's new and improved edition is the earliest known of MMS 's anti-Catholic novel The Monk (some of whose later editions, including one published in Manchester, 1847) are titledThe Monk of Cimiés.
OCLC WorldCat.
Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Her mother edited it, conducting most of its correspondence with readers. A joint venture with Ward, Lock and Tyler , this weekly was meant to compete with Reynolds's Miscellany. MEB 's contributions included The...
Textual Production Charlotte Eliza Humphry
In an interview featured in The Sketch in 1894, Mrs Humphry recalled that this was when she began her literary career, having always had a taste for writing.
“An Interview with "Madge" of ‘Truth’”. The Sketch, Vol. 6, No. 78, p. 698.
Early on she worked with a Mrs...


23 June 1854
Ebenezer Ward and George Lock established the publishing house of Ward and Lock at 158 Fleet Street, London, the former premises of David Nutt .
23 June 1854
Ebenezer Ward and George Lock established the publishing house of Ward and Lock at 158 Fleet Street, London, the former premises of David Nutt .
11 May 1866
The London Stock Exchange suffered through Black Friday after the bankruptcy of the bank Overend, Gurney and Company .