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Family and Intimate relationships Flora Klickmann
FK married Ebenezer Henderson Smith , journalist, lay preacher, executive of the Religious Tract Society and one of the founders of the Boy's Own Paper, a widower some years older than herself.
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Family and Intimate relationships Flora Klickmann
FK called her father, Rudolph Friedrich Auguste Klickmann , a near genius, but although she was spiritually close to him she knew little about his early life.
Lazell, David. Flora Klickmann and her Flower Patch. Flower Patch Magazine, 1976.
His parents had decided to emigrate...
Family and Intimate relationships Flora Klickmann
David Lazell calls this a marriage of companionship.FK referred to her husband in her autobiographical sketches as the Head of Affairs.
Lazell, David. Flora Klickmann and her Flower Patch. Flower Patch Magazine, 1976.
Henderson Smith was already the father of three daughters. He retired from...
Friends, Associates Mary Howitt
Visitors who stayed with the Howitts at The Elms included Hans Christian Andersen , Tennyson , Elizabeth Gaskell , and Eliza Meteyard , who wrote as Silver Pen. Their circle also included Charles Dickens
Literary responses Hesba Stretton
As late as the 1920s HS 's books for children were read with fascinated attention by the future poet Patricia Beer , who grew up at Exmouth in Devon in an environment rigidly controlled by...
Literary responses Rosa Nouchette Carey
Elaine Hartnell argues that the reception of RNC 's work was tied somewhat to its modes and places of publication, notably her serialisation in journals edited by Ellen Wood , Charlotte Yonge , and Annie S. Swan
Literary Setting Sarah Tytler
In another historical novel, Mermaidens. A Sea Story for Girls, issued by ST through the Religious Tract Society in 1895, the heroine, Caroline Masham, having grown up at sea on her father's ship, shows...
Material Conditions of Writing Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
This, issued as usual through the Religious Tract Society , was based on her two years in Maritime Canada.
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Occupation Caroline Leakey
CL devoted a great deal of time to writing. Most of her publications were pieces for the Religious Tract Society or evangelical articles for magazines.
Publishing Agnes Giberne
The Religious Tract Society issued, undated, AG 's novel Gwendoline; it had already appeared from the American Sunday-School Union in 1883 at Philadelphia as Gwendoline; or, Halcots and Halcombes.
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Publishing Hannah More
Of a total of 114 tracts, HM wrote fifty herself. Her sisters Sally and Patty contributed (Patty with a single tract), as did the Clapham Sect , Hester Mulso Chapone (Mary Wood the Housemaid...
Publishing Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick
Passages from her writings were included by Anthony Walker when he printed his funeral sermon on her, The Virtuous Woman Found, 1678. His work was abridged as Memoir of Lady Warwick, published by...
Publishing Agnes Giberne
The Religious Tract Society issued another children's story by AG , entitled Little Why-Because, with illustrations by Dudley Tennant .
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Publishing Ellen Wood
EW 's controversial novel about labour relations, A Life's Secret, appeared anonymously in The Leisure Hour, the journal of the Religious Tract Society . It did not reach volume form until late 1867.
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2088 (1867): 569
Publishing Katherine Parr
While it was often called The Queen's Prayers, the first edition copy used for Women Writers Online ( is titled Prayers Stirryng the Mynd unto Heavenlye Medytacions collected oute of holy workes. The...


The Evangelical movement founded the Religious Tract Society , with the object of publishing texts for the salvation of sinners.
May 1854
The Religious Tract Society launched a weeklyfamily magazine for Sabbath reading entitled The Sunday at Home. It ran until October 1894, then continued as a monthly.
To discourage sensationalism in evangelical literature, the Religious Tract Society laid out three essential rules for healthful fiction.
Maison, Margaret. Search Your Soul, Eustace: A Survey of the Religious Novel in the Victorian Age. Sheed and Ward, 1961.
3 January 1880
The popular Girl's Own Paper began as a weekly published by the Religious Tract Society ; it later became a monthly.
By 1897
The Religious Tract Society (founded in 1799) was a major international publishing house, issuing more than sixty million books, tracts, and magazines a year from repositories world-wide.
4 April 1931
Anne Hepple , the new editor of the Religious Tract Society 's Woman's Magazine, wrote that the Society's aim was to divert attention from some of the cheap literature of to-day, which, along with...
The Religious Tract Society renamed its publishing imprint for books and magazines the Lutterworth Press .


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