Patricia Beer

Standard Name: Beer, Patricia
Birth Name: Patricia Beer
Nickname: Pat
PB was a poet who also published, during the later twentieth century, autobiography, two novels (also autobiographical in scope), literary criticism, reviews, and topographical writing. Her collected essays and one of her novels appeared posthumously.


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Friends, Associates Stevie Smith
Her large circle of friends also included Sally Chilver (author of A History of Socialism), novelists Inez Holden , Olivia Manning , and Cecily Mackworth , Kay Dick (assistant editor of John O'London's Weekly...
Literary responses Jean Plaidy
Poet and critic Patricia Beer , writing in the Times Literary Supplement, judged The Bastard King to be over-burdened with detail to the detriment of coherence.
Beer, Patricia. “Thrilling Consummations”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 3802, p. 48.
Literary responses Hesba Stretton
As late as the 1920s HS 's books for children were read with fascinated attention by the future poet Patricia Beer , who grew up at Exmouth in Devon in an environment rigidly controlled by...
Reception Alice Munro
More than her previous collection, this volume established AM 's reputation. In Britain she was hailed by Julian Symons as interesting . . . remarkable, and (along with Margaret Atwood ) as distinctly Canadian...
Textual Features Seamus Heaney
The Rattle Bag, arranged not by date, or theme, or even alphabetically by author, but alphabetically by title, aims at and achieves a happy and fertile randomness, gathering chips of brilliance from all times...
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
EF wrote her first poems at play, while she bounced tennis balls against the garage door. When she showed one to a teacher and it appeared in the school magazine, she became hooked for life...


December 1951: John Villiers Sankey began producing, on...

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December 1951

John Villiers Sankey began producing, on a hand press housed in his bedroom, a little magazine called The Window, which he also edited.


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