Caroline Leakey

Standard Name: Leakey, Caroline
Birth Name: Caroline Woolmer Leakey
Pseudonym: Oliné Keese
Pseudonym: The Author of God's Tenth
Nickname: Tarvine
Used Form: Oline Keese
CL is best known for her only novel, The Broad Arrow, which is based on observations made during her five-year residence in Tasmania. Her critique of the Australian penal system features a strong female convict protagonist. She also published a well-received book of poetry, and at least several dozen of her didactic and religious tracts and short stories appeared anonymously.


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Textual Production Doreen Wallace
This book was re-issued at London in 1938.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
The American title had been used by Caroline Woolmer Leakey , who subsequently published half a dozen more titles as the Author of God's Tenth.


1853: The name of Van Diemen's Land, Australia,...

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The name of Van Diemen's Land, Australia, was changed to Tasmania and the transportation of convicts to the region discontinued.


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