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Family and Intimate relationships Marghanita Laski
The year after she graduated from Somerville College, ML married publisher John Eldred Howard (who later founded the Cresset Press ).
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Friends, Associates Margaret Kennedy
Other women writers with whom MK established friendships included Lettice Cooper , Phyllis Bentley (who had also been at Cheltenham ), Marghanita Laski , Elizabeth Jenkins , and Rose Macaulay . These authors supported and...
Publishing Marghanita Laski
ML published through her husband 's Cresset Press her first novel, Love on the Supertax, a fantastical comedy whose title invokes Walter Greenwood 's Love on the Dole, 1933.
Laski, Marghanita, and W. Stein. Love on the Supertax. Cresset Press.
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Publishing Ruth Pitter
RP issued, through the Cresset Press (which now became her regular publisher) a poetry volume of grotesques or babouineries entitled A Mad Lady's Garland.
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Publishing Dorothy Richardson
In September 1934, she met S. S. Koteliansky , known as Kot to such friends and associates as Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry , D. H. Lawrence , and Virginia and Leonard Woolf ...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
After reading volume twelve (Dimple Hill) in 1937, Richard Church was enthusiastic (he liked the novel better than Clear Horizon) and prepared to go ahead with publishing the collection. However, his plan...
Publishing Elizabeth Taylor
In 1942 to July 1943 she was working on (and completed) a novel called Never and Always, set in a seaside town, in which the central female character, Emily Hemingway, in her early thirties...
Publishing Frances Cornford
Frances Cornford published, with Cresset Press , the volume Travelling Home, which her son Christopher illustrated.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Frances Cornford
Two editions of this book were printed: one by Cresset Press in London and a hand-printed edition, limited to 150 copies, by St Nicholas Press in Cambridge.
British Library Catalogue.
Cornford, Frances, and Christopher Cornford. On a Calm Shore. Saint Nicolas Press, 1960.
Her son Christopher illustrated the book.
Cornford, Frances, and Christopher Cornford. On a Calm Shore. Saint Nicolas Press, 1960.
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
MK 's study of the craft of fiction writing, The Outlaws on Parnassus, was published by Marghanita Laski 's husband, John Howard , of the Cresset Press .
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann, 1983.
Textual Production Pat Arrowsmith
Jericho, PA 's first published novel, appeared from the Cresset Press .
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Textual Production Celia Fiennes
The first modern text of CF 's travel writings was edited by Christopher Morris for the Cresset Press , London, in 1947.
Fiennes, Celia. “Editorial Note and Introduction”. The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes, edited by Christopher Morris, Macdonald; Webb and Bower, 1982, pp. 8 - 31.


Cresset Press was founded in London by Dennis David Myer Cohen , who commissioned several then-unknown artists such as Blair Hughes-Stanton and Gertrude Hermes to work on his publications.