Gertrude Hermes

Standard Name: Hermes, Gertrude


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Friends, Associates Naomi Mitchison
NM 's adult friends included artists and writers such as Gertrude Hermes , Storm Jameson , Goldie Lowes Dickinson , Julian Trevelyan , Gerald Heard , and Rudi Messel . Among the close friends were...
Publishing Naomi Mitchison
The frontispiece and title-page have artwork by Gertrude Hermes .
Mitchison, Naomi. The Fourth Pig. Constable.
A new edition from Princeton University Press , 2014, has an introduction by another fairy-tale expert, Marina Warner .


1927: Cresset Press was founded in London by Dennis...

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Cresset Press was founded in London by Dennis David Myer Cohen , who commissioned several then-unknown artists such as Blair Hughes-Stanton and Gertrude Hermes to work on his publications.


Travers, P. L., and Gertrude Hermes. I Go by Sea, I Go by Land. W. W. Norton, 1941.