Walter Crane

Standard Name: Crane, Walter


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Friends, Associates Emilie Barrington
EB 's other literary, cultural, and civic-minded friends included writers Henry James , Walter Pater , Walter Crane (a moving spirit in the Arts and Crafts movement), and the philathropist and reformer Octavia Hill (whose...
Instructor Sylvia Pankhurst
SP won a scholarship to attend the Manchester School of Art, where she studied under Walter Crane . In her last year, she won a national silver medal for mosaic design, and a Primrose...
Leisure and Society Emilie Barrington
With Eliza's encouragement, EB decorated and furnished the Bagehot house at Herd's Hill at Langport in Somerset over the course of twenty years. William de Morgan designed the fireplace tilework, and Walter Crane designed a...
Literary responses Kate Greenaway
Commending her contribution to children's literature, fellow illustrator Walter Crane later wrote: The grace and charm of her children and young girls were quickly recognized, and her treatment of quaint early nineteenth century costume, prim...
Occupation Sylvia Pankhurst
SP made very little money from artistic commissions, but devoted her talents in visual art to the Women's Social and Political Union . She designed the cover of Votes for Women. Other artistic contributions...
Occupation Emilie Barrington
After Watts 's former residence at Little Holland House was pulled down in 1875, it was EB who provided a long-term home at her own house for some of the frescoes with which Watts had...
Occupation Emilie Barrington
She wrote to the Times on 30 March 1888 about a scheme, first proposed by George Frederic Watts and now to be undertaken by Walter Crane for the Kyrle Society , which combined her interest...
Publishing Mary Louisa Molesworth
It was illustrated by Walter Crane , who also did illustrations for several of her later books, such as The Tapestry Room. A Child's Romance, 1879 (which is set in Normandy, where the...
Publishing Mary Louisa Molesworth
In the same year came Christmas-tree Land, illustrated by Walter Crane .
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Publishing Charlotte Riddell
The Moors and the Fens was marked by the fact that CR was writing it while her mother was dying.
Ellis, Stewart Marsh. Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu, and Others. Books for Libraries Press.
It went through several editions, one of 1876 being illustrated by Walter Crane ...
Publishing Mary Louisa Molesworth
Macmillan published MLM 's first book for children, Tell Me a Story, under the name of Ennis Graham, with illustrations by Walter Crane .
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 135. Gale Research.
135: 226, 229
Reception Kate Greenaway
KG 's illustrations were more remarkable and successful than her writing, though her literary ambitions are worth noting. She developed a distinctive and widely recognizable visual style which had widespread impact. What Kate Greenaway did...
Textual Production Mary Louisa Molesworth
MLM 's A Christmas Child, a Sketch of Boy Life (again illustrated by Walter Crane ) is her only full-length story for children to have an unhappy instead of a happy ending.
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