Kyrle Society


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Occupation Emilie Barrington
After Watts 's former residence at Little Holland House was pulled down in 1875, it was EB who provided a long-term home at her own house for some of the frescoes with which Watts had...
Occupation Emilie Barrington
She wrote to the Times on 30 March 1888 about a scheme, first proposed by George Frederic Watts and now to be undertaken by Walter Crane for the Kyrle Society , which combined her interest...


1877: Octavia Hill founded the Kyrle Society; this...

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Octavia Hill founded the Kyrle Society ; this organization sought to bring beauty to the lives of the poor, through the creation of public parks, private gardens, and home decor.

1881: The Kyrle Society (founded by Octavia Hill...

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The Kyrle Society (founded by Octavia Hill in 1877) held its first public meeting, which Emilie Barrington described some years later in a letter to The Times.


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