Gertrude Thimelby

Standard Name: Thimelby, Gertrude
Birth Name: Gertrude Aston
Married Name: Gertrude Thimelby
GT was a Roman Catholic poet of the mid seventeenth century with a powerful individual voice, dealing with the themes of family love, bereavement, and religious devotion. Her surviving poems number only nineteen.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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Family and Intimate relationships Winefrid Thimelby
WT was delighted when her sister-in-law Gertrude Thimelby , another poet, joined her in the convent, being professed in 1658, some years after the deaths of her husband and only child.
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Boothby
The playwright mentions in her works two relations whose families were related to each other by marriage: Lady Yate of Worcestershire and one of the group of remarkable literary siblings who were children of Gertrude...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann, Lady Fanshawe
They may have chosen to marry outside Oxford because although he was a royalist, Sir Richard did not support the reforms by which William Laud had been making the Church of England higher. Ann's...
Literary responses Winefrid Thimelby
Arthur Clifford in the early nineteenth century published WT 's letters more or less as curiosities. Latz finds them both poetic and metaphysical.
Latz, Dorothy L., editor. “Neglected Writings by Recusant Women”. Neglected English Literature: Recusant Writings of the 16th-17th Centuries, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Universität Salzburg.
Recent interest in them has been sparked by the general increase...
Occupation Elizabeth Shirley
The seven included a lay sister.
Morris, John, editor. The Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers. Gregg International Publishers.
1: 218
The move was made at a time of fears that young Englishwomen might cease choosing Louvain in face of competition from other religious houses. One of them...
Occupation John Donne
The highly literary great ladies of the Renaissance were part of Donne's writing environment. His predecessors in metrical experiment included Mary, Countess of Pembroke . He wrote in praise of her and of minor court...
Publishing Frances Boothby
FB expressed her own view about the fate of her play in a poem which circulated among the highly literate Roman Catholic families of Aston and Gage: it turns up in commonplace-books of the letter-writer...
Residence Georgiana Fullerton
Until spring 1819, when she was six, the family of Georgiana Leveson-Gover (later GF ) was resident at Tixall Hall in Tixall, Staffordshire, the place of her birth. Her father had rented the Hall...


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