John Ruysbroeck

Standard Name: Ruysbroeck, John


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Education Elizabeth Shirley
Dorothy L. Latz is at pains to emphasise the importance for ES of the thinking of such fellow Augustinians as (apart from St Augustine himself), Gerard Grote , Henry Suso , Ruysbroeck , Bernard of Clairvaux
Intertextuality and Influence Winefrid Thimelby
Latz also finds her style to be poetic, reflecting the influence of mystics like St Augustine and Ruysbroeck (whose work was later translated and discussed by Evelyn Underhill ); Thimelby quotes and cites these two...
Textual Production Evelyn Underhill
EU issued her first full-length biographical study, Ruysbroeck, about the fourteenth-century Flemish mystic Jan van Ruusbroec (or John Ruysbroeck).
Dana Greene and theDictionary of Literary Biography mistakenly give the original publication date as 1915.
Greene, Dana. Evelyn Underhill: Artist of the Infinite Life. Crossroad.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Textual Production Evelyn Underhill
In 1912 EU prepared an edition of The Cloud of Unknowing with an introduction tracing its history from its beginnings in the sixth century through its first translation into English, in the fourteenth century. Her...


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