Arthur Clifford

Standard Name: Clifford, Arthur


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Family and Intimate relationships Georgiana Fullerton
GF 's mother was born Lady Henrietta Elizabeth (Harriet or Harryo) Cavendish , daughter of the fifth Duke of Devonshire and of the writer and patron Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire . A shrewd and intelligent...
Literary responses Winefrid Thimelby
Arthur Clifford in the early nineteenth century published WT 's letters more or less as curiosities. Latz finds them both poetic and metaphysical.
Latz, Dorothy L., editor. “Neglected Writings by Recusant Women”. Neglected English Literature: Recusant Writings of the 16th-17th Centuries, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Universität Salzburg.
Recent interest in them has been sparked by the general increase...
Publishing Winefrid Thimelby
She wrote to her sister Katherine Aston , and after Katherine's death continued the correspondence with warmly intimate letters to her brother-in-law Herbert Aston . Nuns were not officially allowed to maintain non-religious correspondences, but...
Textual Production Gertrude Thimelby
Arthur Clifford edited and published Tixall Poetry. GT is probably the author of all the poems in the second part of this volume; placed first is her piece on the death of her only child.
Thimelby, Gertrude. Tixall Poetry. Editor Clifford, Arthur, J. Ballantyne.


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Clifford, Arthur, editor. “Introduction”. Tixall Poetry, J. Ballantyne, 1813, p. i - xl.
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