Betty Travitsky

Standard Name: Travitsky, Betty
Used Form: Betty S. Travitsky


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death Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater
Accounts of her death, whether official records or loving words from her family, never mention the apparent connection between her premature labour and her husband's acrimonious involvement in the affairs of Lady Elizabeth Cranfield ...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Fage
Betty Travitsky suggests in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography that MF 's father was probably Edward Fage of Doddinghurst in Essex, who died shortly before 12 June 1638.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Travitsky, Betty. “Courtly Disruptions: Unlo(c)king Fage’s Fames Roule through Lok’s ’Extra Sonnets’”. Disrupting the Discourses: Women Writers 1500-1700 Conference, South Bank University, London.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Fage
MF 's husband, described on her title-page as Robert Fage the younger, has been associated with the Sussex family of Fages. Scholar Betty Travitsky , however, believes that he was probably a cousin, a Robert Fage
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Locke
AL 's surviving son, named Henry Locke or Lok after his father, was later known as a prolific poet, if not a very good one, writing on religious topics. He was later taken to court...
Literary responses Isabella Whitney
In the past IW has sometimes had her work reprinted for its curiosity value. Current critical opinion of her is represented by Betty Travitsky in ODNB, who calls her both a unique female voice...
Literary responses Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater
Her husband singled out for mention the devotional ones among these writings: several other occasional Meditations and Prayers full of the transports and rapture of a sa[n]ctified soul.
Travitsky, Betty, and Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater. “Subordination and Authorship: Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton”. Subordination and Authorship: the case of Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton and her &quot:loose papers", Tempe, Ariz., 1999, pp. 1 - 172.
Betty S. Travitsky judges that the...
Publishing Anne Dowriche
AD 's work is available in The Early Modern Englishwoman facsimile series from Ashgate , edited by Susanne Woods , Betty Travitsky and Patrick Cullen . The account of her in the Dictionary of Literary...
Publishing Susan Du Verger
SDV 's text renders what were originally two separate books by Camus, Bishop of Belley, published in 1628 and 1638. Her work has been reprinted, edited by Betty S. Travitsky and Patrick Cullen , in...
Publishing Mary Fage
Her title goes (in part) Fames Roule; or, The Names of Our Dread Soveraigne Lord King Charles . . . Annagramatiz'd and Expressed by Acrosticke Lines on the Name. She dedicates to the British...
Reception Elizabeth Grymeston
From the number of editions it is clear that EG 's work was well received. In 1606 someone called Thomas Chaffyn , living at Mere in Wiltshire, copied extracts from her into his commonplace-book...
Reception Gertrude Thimelby
Since then GT has been included in anthologies such as Betty Travitsky 's The Paradise of Women, 1989, and Female and Male Voices in Early Modern England, edited by Travitsky and Anne Lake Prescott
Textual Features Mary Fage
MF is a close observer and fulsome celebrator of rank: her dedication opens, Pardon powerfull Princes and potent Potentates, my presumption, in pressing into your presence.
Fage, Mary. Fames Roule. R. Oulton, 1637.
Besides the king and queen, she includes the...
Textual Production Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater
The present BL Egerton MS 607 was at one time owned by the author's descendant Samuel Egerton Brydges . Two contemporary copies of this manuscript, one of them with extensive and important annotation by the...


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