Edward Bouverie Pusey

Standard Name: Pusey, Edward Bouverie


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Cultural formation Cecil Frances Alexander
In 1848 CFA met British novelist Charlotte Yonge and the leader of the Oxford Movement , John Keble .
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
CFA 's husband believed that Keble endowed her with a sense of the magic, of the...
Cultural formation Annie Besant
In the course of her life, AB explored many facets of religion and politics. Early in her life she entertained a passionate Christian devotion and was inspired by the idea of sacrifice, even martyrdom. She...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Charles
EC knew many leaders of Victorian religious thought, including Archibald Tait (Archbishop of Canterbury), writer and cleric Charles Kingsley , and Edward Pusey , the central figure of the Oxford Movement. The legacy of...
Cultural formation Charlotte Guest
CG remained a member of the Church of England (with Low Church or Evangelical sympathies) although her first husband was a Dissenter and she often felt in Wales that the Dissenters were doing a better...
Cultural formation Christina Rossetti
Edward Pusey , Henry Manning and other leaders of the Oxford Movement also preached at the church; Sara Coleridge was another parishioner. CR 's religious faith become a cornerstone of her life, equalled only by...
Friends, Associates Harriett Mozley
Being well-connected, HM met many of the shapers of literary and religious opinion of the 1840s. She delighted in gatherings of brilliant talkers, and enjoyed visiting Clapham in South London, home of an influential...
Friends, Associates Felicia Skene
From her youth FS was accustomed to mixing with distinguished people. Sir Walter Scott , a friend of both of her parents, found her youthful company a relief when he was old and ill. In...
Publishing John Henry Newman
JHN , Richard Hurrell Froude , Edward Bouverie Pusey , and others began anonymously publishing their series Tracts for the Times, as a statement of principles for the Tractarian , or Oxford Movement.
Drabble, Margaret, editor. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Oxford University Press.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Caroline Frances Cornwallis
The letters in Christian Sects (which is headed by three quotations, one of them from St John's Gospel) are said to have been exchanged between one of the editors of the Small Books, and...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Edna Lyall
The Burges children's father, though he is against Pusey ism, is broad-minded
Lyall, Edna. The Burges Letters: A Record of Child Life in the Sixties. Longmans, Green, and Co.
about Puseyites as he is in other respects: visitors to their house include not only Anglicans but Moravians , a Baptist ...


22 August 1800: Edward Bouverie Pusey, academic and theologian,...

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22 August 1800

Edward Bouverie Pusey , academic and theologian, was born at Pusey, Berkshire.

1834-1836: Edward Bouverie Pusey contributed to Tracts...

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Edward Bouverie Pusey contributed to Tracts for the Times, the influential series which had given the Tractarian Movement its name.

26 March 1845: The first two Anglican sisters arrived at...

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26 March 1845

The first two Anglican sisters arrived at 17 Park Village West (near Regent's Park in London) to take up residence with the Sisterhood of the Holy Cross , a newly-founded nursing order which was the...

: Mary Russell Mitford complained satirically...

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Mary Russell Mitford complained satirically of a Pusey ite curate in Reading, admired (to her embarrassment) by other women.

16 September 1882: Edward Bouverie Pusey, academic and theologian,...

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16 September 1882

Edward Bouverie Pusey , academic and theologian, died at Ascot Priory, Ascot, Berkshire.


Newman, John Henry et al. Tracts for the Times. Rivington; Parker.