William Edward Forster

Standard Name: Forster, William Edward
Used Form: W. E. Forster


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Dedications Harriett Jay
She wrote it soon after a visit to Mulranny, where she encountered agrarian violence first hand. She dedicated it to William Edward Forster , Chief Secretary for Ireland.
Jay, Harriett. Robert Buchanan. AMS.
Jay, Harriett. The Priest’s Blessing. F.V. White.
Its full title, The...
Friends, Associates Geraldine Jewsbury
She and her brother entertained such visitors as George Henry Lewes , dramatist Westland Marston , Italian exile and journalist Antonio Gallenga , manufacturer William Edward Forster , mechanical engineer Joseph Whitworth , poet and...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Augusta Ward
Other major influences on MAW 's writing from around this time were a visit to Oxford by French sceptic Ernest Renan , who figures as an intellectual presence in a number of her novels, and...
politics Harriett Jay
In her dedication of The Priest's BlessingHJ declared herself opposed to Irish nationalism. She implicitly condemned the members of the Irish Land League —a nationalist organization (founded in late 1879) whose ultimate goal was...
politics Mary Augusta Ward
While the motivation for her trip was to obtain a loan from her relatives, the visit had long-term political consequences for MAW : first-hand experience of Irish political and social turmoil influenced her political views...
Travel Geraldine Jewsbury
Between the revolutions of February and June, GJ visited Paris with William Edward Forster and Elizabeth Paulet .
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52, 97
Travel Mary Augusta Ward
MAW and her family visited wealthy relatives in Dublin, where her uncle William Forster was the Minister for Ireland.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.


24 May 1875: In the wake of proposed legislation both...

National or international item

24 May 1875

In the wake of proposed legislation both by antivivisectionists and by scientists in favour of animal experiments, Home Secretary Richard Cross announced a Royal Commission on animal vivisection.

1880: An Education Act of this year, building on...

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An Education Act of this year, building on Forster 's act of 9 August 1870, made elementary education compulsory for the first time in England and Wales.

January 1881: Charles Stewart Parnell and several prominent...

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January 1881

Charles Stewart Parnell and several prominent Irish Land League members were tried on various charges, the most general of which was demoralizing the Irish; they were all acquitted.


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