Elizabeth Paulet

Standard Name: Paulet, Elizabeth


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Dedications Geraldine Jewsbury
GJ 's relationship with the actress Charlotte Cushman may have influenced her decision to make the heroine of this work an actress. She wanted to dedicate this novel to Jane Carlyle and Elizabeth Paulet ...
Family and Intimate relationships Geraldine Jewsbury
On visits to the home at Seaforth in Lancashire of a mutual friend, Elizabeth Paulet (a relation of the Jewsburys), GJ developed intense feelings of jealousy when Jane Carlyle gave her attentions too exclusively to...
Textual Production Geraldine Jewsbury
She had begun writing the novel in 1842 in collaboration with Jane Carlyle and Elizabeth Paulet .
There is some dispute over the novel's collaborative origins. Biographer Susanne Howe reports that GJ worked with both...
Travel Geraldine Jewsbury
Between the revolutions of February and June, GJ visited Paris with William Edward Forster and Elizabeth Paulet .
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