Ernest Renan

Standard Name: Renan, Ernest
Used Form: Joseph Ernest Renan


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Dedications A. Mary F. Robinson
Under her married name, AMFR published another biography, A Life of Ernest Renan, the author of the controversial Life of Jesus. She dedicated it to his daughter .
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Robinson, A. Mary F. The Life of Ernest Renan. Methuen.
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Education Evelyn Sharp
Her time in Paris gave her at last a taste of formal study, in enabling her to attend lectures on history and literature at the Collège de France . She also heard a single lecture...
Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
A closer friendship formed in Leipzig was that with a young Scotsman, George Robertson , who was studying for a PhD in German literature. He reawakened Richardson's interest in books and writing, particularly when she...
Family and Intimate relationships A. Mary F. Robinson
They were introduced when Darmesteter translated a volume of her verse into French. He was a Jewish-born French rationalist and academic orientalist, Professor of Persian at the Collège de France (in succession to Ernest Renan
Friends, Associates A. Mary F. Robinson
Just as her parents' home had been a magnet for London's cultural elite, her Paris salon became a fashionable intellectual and cultural centre,
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which drew such guests as Ernest Renan and Hippolyte Adolphe Taine
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Augusta Ward
Despite her wide reading, excellent education for a woman, and Oxford connections, MAWs' trip to Paris in 1874 opened her eyes intellectually. It brought her into contact with Ernest Renan , Madame Mohl , Hippolyte Taine
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Augusta Ward
Other major influences on MAW 's writing from around this time were a visit to Oxford by French sceptic Ernest Renan , who figures as an intellectual presence in a number of her novels, and...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Despard
The protagonist of this novel concludes from her reading of Ernest Renan that the salvation of humanity depends on its capacity to produce great men.
Linklater, Andro. An Unhusbanded Life. Hutchinson.
Characters in this novel canvass various potential alternatives to...
Textual Production A. Mary F. Robinson
AMFR provided an introduction for a travel book by Henriette Renan (sister of the well-known writer Ernest ): Souvenirs et impressions: Pologne, Rome, Allemagne, voyage en Syrie.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Travel A. Mary F. Robinson
Mary had just ended a tour of Italy with her parents, which included a stop in Venice, where they met Ernest Renan (author of Vie de Jésus, 1863) who became a friend.
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Travel Evelyn Sharp
This was a rich period spent in studying, hearing Renan lecture, meeting Louis Pasteur at the Pasteur Institute , and hearing Charles Gounod conduct his Ave Maria at St Sulpice.
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
But ES was...


1863: Ernest Renan published La Vie de Jésus, an...

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Ernest Renan published La Vie de Jésus, an influential Life of Jesus written from a demythologizing, historical perspective.


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