Marie de France

Standard Name: Marie de France
Birth Name: Marie
Indexed Name: Marie de France
It is making an assumption to argue that a single individual composed the body of work traditionally attributed to someone whom modern readers have called Marie de France . But one or possibly more women named Marie, writing in the French language in twelfth-century England, composed lais (narrative poems), fables, and a prose saint's life (this last work in translation). Her work was influential for Middle English literature, and her life-story was an inspiration to women writing in the early nineteenth century.


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Intertextuality and Influence Mary Matilda Betham
Besides its paraphrases, or abstracts, or pastiches of Marie 's own poems (and notes explaining that, for instance, the existence of female troubadours is documented historical fact), MMB offers here a long poem which makes...
Occupation Edna St Vincent Millay
ESVM now cast around for work, possibly on stage. She sent out poems to magazines, often fruitlessly. She earned a little by acting with the Provincetown Players from December 1917, building on her long experience...
Author summary Mary Matilda Betham
MMB , writing during the Romantic period, had a vocation as a poet which she took very seriously and which was recognised during her lifetime by positive reviews and the respect of more famous poets...
Textual Production Mary Matilda Betham
Matilda Betham published The Lay of Marie , A Poem, dedicated to Lady Bedingfield and advertising itself as from a diss. by G. de la Rue on Marie de France, and abstracts of her lays.
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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Kavanagh
In her preface JK explains her interest in the rise of the novel and argues that novels have become the teachers for good or for evil of many; their power can be exalted or deplored—it...


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