Robert Owen

Standard Name: Owen, Robert,, 1771 - 1858


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Education Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
They sometimes attended the local Westminster Infant School in Vincent Square, London, alongside ragged children.
Burton, Hester. Barbara Bodichon, 1827-1891. John Murray.
Herstein, Sheila R. A Mid-Victorian Feminist: Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon. Yale University Press.
The progressive school was a non-charity educational enterprise along Owenite lines initially funded by a committee...
Friends, Associates Frances Wright
On her voyage back to Europe, FW had as companion Robert Owen 's son, Robert Dale Owen . During her stay in Europe, she made the acquaintance of Mary Shelley (who became a friend and...
Friends, Associates Eliza Lynn Linton
People she met at the Laurences' house included Thornton Leigh Hunt (who, with his wife, lived at the Laurences'); Smith Williams , reader for Smith and Elder ; Robert Owen , socialist; Frank Stone ...
Friends, Associates Flora Tristan
In Paris, FT began to associate with socialists, including Charles Fourier and Robert Owen , and feminists, including Eugénie Niboyet and Anna Wheeler .
Cross, Máire, and Tim Gray. The Feminism of Flora Tristan. Berg.
Grogan, Susan. Flora Tristan: Life Stories. Routledge.
223, 227-8
Friends, Associates Anna Wheeler
AW failed in her attempt to arrange a meeting between Charles Fourier (whom she had met in Paris this year) and Robert Owen .
Kelly, Gary, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 158. Gale Research.
Intertextuality and Influence Ellen Johnston
Her work garnered considerable response, including many poems of praise and compliment which were printed alongside her own in her later collection. These ranged from a verse proposal of marriage to a poetic tribute asserting...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
James Martineau published a scathing attack on the book in the Prospective Review under the title Mesmeric Atheism. He poured scorn on the authors for believing that one can legitimately reach the doctrines of...
politics George Eliot
Mary Ann Evans (later GE ) sided with Robert Owen , John Bright , and their mutual friend Charles Bray , chairman of the local Anti-Corn Law League , in opposing the Corn Laws.
Karl, Frederick R. George Eliot: Voice of a Century. W.W. Norton.
politics Anna Wheeler
Once established in London by the mid 1820s, AW moved among the socialist intelligentsia, choosing as her associates Jeremy Bentham , whom she claimed to [adore] as a philosopher and [love] as a friend,
Kelly, Gary, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 158. Gale Research.
Reception Anna Wheeler
This letter was reportedly designed to be read publicly by Owen , after which he would give a counter-response.
Owen, Robert, and Robert Dale Owen, editors. The Crisis, and National Co-operative Trades’ Union and Equitable Labour Exchange Gazette. J. Eamonson; B. D. Cousins.
II.24: 190
Residence Frances Wright
FW left Nashoba once more, this time for Robert Owen 's colony of New Harmony in Indiana.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Eckhardt, Celia Morris. Fanny Wright. Harvard University Press.
Textual Features Margaret Harkness
George, the protagonist, is born into the upper class but tries to become one of the people, working amongst the poor as a socialist. The novel is set in East End London against the London...
Textual Features Marion Reid
A Plea combines utilitarian, natural rights, and Owen ite socialist arguments.
McFadden, Margaret. Golden Cables of Sympathy. University of Kentucky Press.
In plain and simple terms MR outlines women's abject position in society, using the by-now familiar argument that the status of women is...
Textual Production Frances Wright
In June 1828, on a visit to Robert Owen 's utopian community at New Harmony, Indiana, FW became coeditor (with Owen's son Robert Dale Owen ) of the New Harmony Gazette, a free-thinking...
Textual Production Frances Wright
By March 1848 FW had published a work of history entitled England, the Civilizer, Her History Developed in its Principles; with reference to the civilizational History of Modern Europe (America inclusive) and with a view...


14 May 1771: Robert Owen, socialist, was born at Newtown...

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14 May 1771

Robert Owen , socialist, was born at Newtown in Montgomeryshire (now Powys) in Wales.

1810: The first Factory Act (a response mainly...

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The first Factory Act (a response mainly to conditions of employment of young children) established the principle of the government's right to intervene in working conditions set by employers.

1813: Robert Owen published A New View of Soci...

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Robert Owen published A New View of Society.

1815: Robert Owen, in a ground-breaking pamphlet,...

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Robert Owen , in a ground-breaking pamphlet, Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System, called for regulation of the employment of children in factories.

1819: A second Factory Act set limits to the hours...

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A second Factory Act set limits to the hours that could be legally worked by children.

1830-1834: The Owenite socialist movement flourished...

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The Owenite socialist movement flourished in Britain.

1834: A general strike was held, organized by the...

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A general strike was held, organized by the recently-founded Grand National Consolidated Trades Union .

21 December 1844: The Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society,...

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21 December 1844

The Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society , founded by disciples of Robert Owen , opened the first co-operative retail shop in Britain at Toad Lane, Rochdale.

1849: Socialist Robert Owen published The Revolution...

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Socialist Robert Owen published The Revolution in Mind and Practice of the Human Race.

October 1852: Mrs Maria Hayden brought the American practice...

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October 1852

Mrs Maria Hayden brought the American practice of spiritualism across the ocean to England, where she advertised as a medium.

17 November 1858: Robert Owen, socialist, died at Newtown in...

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17 November 1858

Robert Owen , socialist, died at Newtown in Montgomeryshire.


Owen, Robert, and Robert Dale Owen, editors. The Crisis, and National Co-operative Trades’ Union and Equitable Labour Exchange Gazette. J. Eamonson; B. D. Cousins.