Robert Owen

Standard Name: Owen, Robert,, 1771 - 1858


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Textual Production Anna Wheeler
These letters are among the few identified examples of AW 's own prose. She addressed the first in the series To Robert Owen , Esq.
Owen, Robert, and Robert Dale Owen, editors. The Crisis, and National Co-operative Trades’ Union and Equitable Labour Exchange Gazette. J. Eamonson; B. D. Cousins.
II.24: 190
in response to a speech given by Owen...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Harriet Martineau
HM 's Illustrations tale For Each and For All (often in later editions subtitled or, Letitia and Maria) is an attack from a Ricardian standpoint on Owen ite socialism. She modified the anti-socialist tone...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Harriet Martineau
Among her subjects are Lady Byron (an occasion for HM to deplore Byron 's conduct and influence), Mary Berry , Mary Russell Mitford , Charlotte Brontë , Jane Marcet , Amelia Opie , Mary Somerville
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Flora Tristan
Following Paris publication, the volume appeared in London later that year. By 1842, it had reached a third edition in London and a fourth in Paris. The latter was a popular edition dedicated to French...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Beatrice Webb
Like many of her books this first one uses a historical perspective to explain the nature of present-day institutions, going back to the ideas of Robert Owen and their working out in practice.
Travel Frances Trollope
Whether or not Frances Wright 's utopian colony was FT 's chosen final destination, the decision to leave it came swiftly after her arrival. She and her travelling companions were disappointed by the conditions at...


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