Juliet Barker

Standard Name: Barker, Juliet


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Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Brontë
Their father regularly dined with his young children, showed considerable care for their development, adjudicated disputes arising from their home theatricals, and often walked with them on the moors.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press.
Biographer Juliet Barker objects strongly...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Brontë
CB 's epistolary relationship with George Smith , in which she often refers to herself by her masculine pseudonym, was playful and teasing. Biographer Juliet Barker suggests that over the London visits and the Scottish...
Literary responses Mary Taylor
It appears that Miss Miles received very little critical response. As Juliet Barker recently noted, it sank without a trace, perhaps because its belated publication (more than forty years after it was begun) meant that...
Textual Production Emily Brontë
A letter from her publisher Newby in February 1848 suggests that EB had consulted him about the publication of another novel, then in progress. At the end of the year, he announced that another work...


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Barker, Juliet. “Miles off the target”. Times Literary Supplement, p. 14.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press, 1994.