Rosemary Ashton

Standard Name: Ashton, Rosemary


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Family and Intimate relationships George Eliot
Here she boarded uncomfortably with publisher John Chapman (who was not yet thirty). She had an intense relationship with him, his wife Susanna (who was older than her husband, and supplemented the family income by...
Family and Intimate relationships George Eliot
Rosemary Ashton , biographer of GE , says there is no evidence whether or how much GE regretted the childlessness which she chose because of law and social prejudice. After Lewes told his three sons...
Literary responses George Eliot
The critical tide did not turn (despite some acute criticism from Virginia Woolf , who called Middlemarchthe magnificent book which with all its imperfections is one of the few English novels written for grown-up...
Textual Features George Eliot
Ashton discerns here the influence of Jane Austen , but she deals with a wider social range and, unlike her predecessor, hints at dialect in the speech of her rustic characters.
Ashton, Rosemary. George Eliot: A Life. Hamish Hamilton.
But perhaps the...
Textual Production George Eliot
As she began to form intellectual friendships, her letters became a record of her critical and literary mind. Biographer Rosemary Ashton traces her fictional side to a letter she addressed to Charles Bray in October...


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