Hugh Latimer

Standard Name: Latimer, Hugh


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Cultural formation Rose Hickman
Rose, who was pregnant and soon to give birth when her husband fled into exile, consulted Cranmer , Latimer , and Ridley as to whether it would be betraying her faith to have the child...
Friends, Associates Rose Hickman
The Hickmans' London home was frequented by leaders of the new Protestant religious tendency: men like John Knox , Scottish preacher and correspondent of Anne Locke (who knew them from early in Mary's reign, when...
Textual Production Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
CET published another history or martyrology: Ridley , Latimer , Cranmer and Other English Martyrs.
Khorana, Meena, and Judith Gero John, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 163. Gale Research, 1996.


21 March 1556
Thomas Cranmer was burned alive for heresy at Oxford, after withdrawing the recantation he had formerly made under threat of such a death: this was one of the most famous Protestant martyrdoms under Mary Tudor .