Alphonse Daudet

Standard Name: Daudet, Alphonse


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Fictionalization Sappho
Alphonse Daudet 's novel Sapho represents its protagonist as a lower-class prostitute with a heart of gold.
DeJean, Joan E. Fictions of Sappho 1546-1937. University of Chicago Press.
Friends, Associates Henry James
In Paris his friend Ivan Turgenev introduced him to Maupassant , Zola , and Daudet , among others.
Stringer, Jenny, editor. The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English. Oxford University Press.
Gale, Robert L. A Henry James Encyclopedia. Greenwood.
Intertextuality and Influence Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Without ever owning the complete works of Théophile Gautier , Alphonse Daudet , Shakespeare , Byron , or Swinburne , she read bits and pieces of them all, and they helped to shape her style...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Grand
She again set her novel in her fictionalised version of Norwich, Morningquest. Of its three heroines, Angelica makes a moderately successful, though unconventional marriage to a man twenty years her senior to whom she...
Reception Violet Trefusis
VT recalls in Don't Look Round: [m]uch to my surprise, [Écho] was a success and nearly won me the Prix Femina.
Trefusis, Violet, and Philippe Jullian. Don’t Look Round. Hutchinson.
Before the prize was awarded, VT paid a visit to...
Textual Features Lucas Malet
The epigraph, from FitzGerald 's Omar Khayyam, says that human beings are nothing but God's chess-pieces, or shadows cast by his lantern. The story is narrated by one man to another: by Anthony Hammond...
Textual Production Nell Dunn
In 1987 ND produced an introduction for a new edition of Sappho, A Romance of Art and Love, the translation by Eithne Wilkins of Alphonse Daudet 's Sapho.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Fanny Kemble
The subtitle reads: Stolen from the French of Tartaron de Tareascon aux Alpes: the reference is actually to Alphonse Daudet 's Tartarin sur les Alpes, which she here imitates.
British Library Catalogue.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marie Belloc Lowndes
This book deals very largely with her French extended family, her visits to France as a young adult, and her French social circles. She meant it to dispel certain false ideas, English rather than American...


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