Gustave Flaubert

Standard Name: Flaubert, Gustave


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death George Sand
Her death was reported widely in the press. Flaubert allegedly wrote in a letter that [a]t her funeral I cried like an ass,
Jack, Belinda. George Sand: A Woman’s Life Writ Large. Vintage.
and the Russian writer Turgenev pronounced on her passing: What a...
Education Mary Lavin
It was, she said later, through reading that I passed from childhood to adulthood, first through a chance encounter with Eliot 's Adam Bede (and that was the end of the school stories)...
Intertextuality and Influence Lucas Malet
Though ML was familiar with the canonical English Victorian novelists (and, less usually, with Samuel Richardson 's Sir Charles Grandison, to whose great length she alludes with approval), those writers she acknowledged as influences...
Intertextuality and Influence Lucas Malet
But the context is still the fashionable jungle. Mr Perry can conceive of no higher glory than wealth and social success, and is ruthless in pursuit of these for his daughter and thus himself. Fat...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
The title story uses mud or muddy almost thirty times. MR writes, as always, as a feminist; these stories occupy a borderline between the self-making of women and their appropriation into patriarchal stories. She enjoys...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
She dedicates this book for the muse this time, and explains that although it concerns purely fictional persons and events, it is in part inspired by Jean-Luc Steinmetz 's life of Mallarmé , by Flaubert
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The antecedents of Braddon's work were both print and stage melodrama, and as her career progressed her work increasingly reflected the influence of French realists and naturalists: Flaubert , Balzac , and Zola .
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland.
Intertextuality and Influence Christine Brooke-Rose
This sets out to explore the effects of various technological media on the novel genre. It begins with the apparent forcible entry into a story by Jane Austen of a great German contemporary of Austen:...
Intertextuality and Influence Ali Smith
The book's narrator is an unnamed, ungendered arborist in mourning for his or her unnamed, ungendered partner, a literary academic whose spectre lingers about the book both figuratively, in the form of unfinished lectures, and...
Intertextuality and Influence Gertrude Stein
GS began work on these short stories while she was translating Flaubert 's Trois contes as an exercise.They have been reprinted (in a single volume with Tender Buttons) in the Signet Classics series, with...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Grand
She again set her novel in her fictionalised version of Norwich, Morningquest. Of its three heroines, Angelica makes a moderately successful, though unconventional marriage to a man twenty years her senior to whom she...
Literary responses F. Tennyson Jesse
The novel's conclusion was immediately associated with the sensational Thompson -Bywaters murder case of 1922 (about which René Weis published a study in 1988).
Morgan, Elaine, and F. Tennyson Jesse. “Introduction”. A Pin to See the Peep Show, Virago.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Critics likened FTJ 's Julia Almond to Flaubert 's...
Literary responses Alice Munro
The Selected Stories was hailed as an important literary event, and produced particularly interesting reviews from A. S. Byatt and John Updike . Byatt wrote that Munro was the equal of Chekhov or de Maupassant
Literary responses Charlotte Yonge
Henry Sidgwick compared this novel to Madame Bovary and concluded that Yonge was better than Flaubert .
Hayter, Alethea. Charlotte Yonge. Northcote House.
The Athenæum felt that only readers of The Daisy Chain would really appreciate it.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1920 (1864): 209
Occupation Charles Baudelaire
Remembered largely for his poetry, whose early publication provoked a major crisis in censorship, CB also wrote important prose, especially criticism, and translated Edgar Allan Poe 's stories into French. As a literary and art...


1 October-15 December 1856: Gustave Flaubert serially published his first...

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1 October-15 December 1856

Gustave Flaubert serially published his first novel, Madame Bovary, in the Revue de Paris.

November 1869: Gustave Flaubert published L'Education S...

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November 1869

Gustave Flaubert published L'Education Sentimentale.

Late 1884: Publisher Henry Vizetelly produced the first...

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Late 1884

Publisher Henry Vizetelly produced the first English translations of Émile Zola : the novels Nana and L'Assommoir.

1886: Eleanor Marx, as Eleanor Marx Aveling, published...

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Eleanor Marx , as Eleanor Marx Aveling, published her English translation of Gustave Flaubert 's Madame Bovary from the original French.


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