William Ernest Henley

Standard Name: Henley, William Ernest
Used Form: W. E. Henley


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Education Maya Angelou
Marguerite Johnson had already become a voracious reader, both of Black writers and of canonical dead white males. Shakespeare , she wrote later, was my first white love.
Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Heinemann New Windmill Series.
She also enjoyed and respected...
Family and Intimate relationships Sir J. M. Barrie
Without children of his own, Barrie had a habit of monopolising the children of friends, for whom he invented elaborate games. Among children so situated were Bevil Quiller-Couch (who was later the fiancé of the...
Friends, Associates Rosamund Marriott Watson
She forged friendships with other women writers, including Mona Caird , E. Nesbit , Mathilde Blind , Amy Levy , and Alice Meynell . She was also a friend of William Sharp , Austin Dobson
Literary responses E. Nesbit
W. E. Henley had warned EN a propos Via Amoris, before this volume appeared, that she ought not to approach the writing of poetry in the market-dominated way that was all right for other...
Literary responses Maria Riddell
W. E. Henley called this analysis the best thing written of him by a contemporary critic.
Ross, John Dawson. Who’s Who in Burns. E. Mackay.
In 1949 Hilton Brown , who felt it was to her lasting credit
Brown, Hilton. There Was a Lad. An Essay on Robert Burns. Hamish Hamilton.
that MR moved so...
Publishing Alice Meynell
Poet and editor W. E. Henley , printing the title essay in the Scots Observer, called it one of the best things it has so far been my privilege to print.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Henley introduced...
Textual Production Lucy Walford
She contributed a fortnightly budget of literary news
Walford, Lucy. Recollections of a Scottish Novelist. Williams and Norgate.
to the Critic, taking over the position previously held by William Ernest Henley . LW took an immense pride in her involvement with the periodical...
Textual Production Rose Allatini
Her title deliberately misquotes from W. E. Henley 's I was a king in Babylon / And you were a Christian slave. Her dedicatees were both occultists and medical practitioners who ran a kind of...
Textual Production Laurence Alma-Tadema
Given the coincidence of names in LAT 's family, it is hardly surprising that misattributions should have occurred. The British Library Catalogue adds the name of her stepmother, presumably in error, to its listings of...
Textual Production Nina Bawden
NB returned to a surname she had used in Familiar Passions for the protagonist of a new novel, Ruffian on the Stair: the almost-centenarian Samuel Mudd.
The title (quoted from a poem by W. E. Henley
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rosamund Marriott Watson
In addition to reviews, RMW contributed sixteen signed poems, including one entitled The Lost Leader, which was published one week after his death in tribute to the poet William Ernest Henley who had died...


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Burns, Robert. The Poetry of Robert Burns. Editors Henley, William Ernest and Thomas F. Henderson, Caxton , 1897.