Elizabeth De la Pasture

Standard Name: De la Pasture, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle Bonham
Married Name: Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle De la Pasture
Pseudonym: Mrs Henry De la Pasture
Indexed Name: Betty De la Pasture
Married Name: Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle Clifford
Titled: Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle, Lady Clifford
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Lydia R. De la Pasture
EDP had a successful career as a popular playwright (few of whose dramas reached print) and novelist. She also wrote short stories for periodicals, and a single story for children which had great success a generation after her death. After being active through the last decade of the nineteenth and first decade of the twentieth century, she published almost nothing after her second marriage except for editing a collection of colonial memoirs. She is often confused with her better-known daughter, who wrote as E. M. Delafield and whose second given name was Elizabeth.
Black and white photograph of Elizabeth De la Pasture, seated outside and flanked by two large dogs. She is wearing a long white dress, with a black band around her waist and artificial flowers on the shoulders, and trailing down one side. A hat with matching flowers is perched on top of her dark hair.
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Family and Intimate relationships E. M. Delafield
EMD 's mother, Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle (Bonham) de la Pasture , was a popular and prolific novelist whose work was admired by writers as far-ranging as Ivy Compton-Burnett and Evelyn Waugh . She wrote to...
Friends, Associates Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL was an early member of Mary Cholmondeley 's Give and Take Club for women writers, and a founding member of another women's luncheon club, the Thirty . This included women from all walks of...
Textual Production E. M. Delafield
She originally titled the book Equipment, but on the advice of F. Tennyson Jesse (a reader for her publisher, Heinemann ), the title was changed. EMD had wanted a pseudonym to distinguish herself from...


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