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Performance of text Harold Pinter
Many of Pinter's works fall under the heading of political writing, notably the pamphlet War, 2004. A speech which he broadcast in May 1999 about the NATO intervention in what is now Serbia contained...
politics Naomi Mitchison
NM was involved in pacifist and later in anti-nuclear politics, participating in the Authors' World Peace Appeal during the Cold War in the 1950s, and heading political demonstrations against NATO installations in Strathclyde in the...
politics Harold Pinter
Pinter voted Tory in May 1979 (when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister) in reaction against trade union intransigence (which had threatened a play he was directing at the National Theatre ), and SDP in June...


26 June 1948
The Berlin airlift began; by its end on 4 May 1949, over 1 million tonnes of aid were delivered to Soviet-blockaded West Berlin by British and American planes.
4 April 1949
The North Atlantic Treaty was signed, creating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance (for mutual defense and cooperation) between the USA, Canada, and fourteen European countries including the UK. The treaty...
15 November 1983
The first nuclear warheads were unloaded at the Greenham Common air base, sent from the USA according to a NATO agreement of December 1979. Women protestors at the Peace Camp outside the perimeter fence watched...
14 December 1995
The Dayton Peace Accords, formally known as the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, were signed in Paris after their conception in November at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.
March 1999
A massacre at Drenice in Albania led NATO to get involved in the Bosnian or Kosovan war, which had been going on for at least a year and had been prefigured in local ethnic violence...
18-21 April 1999
The US Congress sent a fact-finding mission to Yugoslavia to seek to establish the truth of what was happening in NATO 's bombing war on Serbs in the province of Kosovo.