Ralph Allen

Standard Name: Allen, Ralph


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Friends, Associates Sarah Fielding
Socially speaking, Bath was a good choice for her, putting her within reach of, for instance, James Leake and Ralph Allen , as well as many friends visiting from London. The group comprising her, Scott
Friends, Associates Mary Chandler
MC seems to have become the real friend of several women of higher rank than herself, some of whom moved from the position of her customers to that of her patrons: they included Lady Hertford
Literary responses Jane Austen
Janine Barchas has recently perceived, alongside the novel's detailed specificity of topographical reference to Bath, a specific allusion in the certainty of John Thorpe and General Tilney that Catherine Morland must be an heiress. The...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
The work was dedicated to Lady Pomfret . Its 440 subscribers included many prominent people, reflecting the bluestockings' range of influence as well as SF 's local and family connections: Ralph Allen , Lord Chesterfield
Textual Features Ann Thicknesse
An introduction explains that this book, although called a novel, will not deal in pathetic tales of love, marvellous prodigies, or even . . . elegant flights of fancy, but only plain simple facts...
Textual Production Gillian Clarke
GC published Prior Park: A Compleat Landscape, about the Palladian mansion outside Bath built by Ralph Allen , the patron of Sarah Fielding .
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Wealth and Poverty Sarah Fielding
In later years she received financial aid from her half-brother Sir John Fielding (who paid her £20 most years from 1761), from Ralph Allen (who left her a legacy of £100 in August 1764), and...


28 September 1711: A Post Office Act empowered the Royal Mail...

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28 September 1711

A Post Office Act empowered the Royal Mail to carry letters other than on the main post roads to and from London: the bye or by and cross-post routes.
Whyman, Susan E. The Pen and the People: English Letter Writers 1660-1800. Oxford University Press.
53 and n70, 55

16 April 1720: Ralph Allen announced in the London Gazette...

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16 April 1720

Ralph Allen announced in the London Gazette his new scheme for cross-posts.

1733: Ralph Allen began building his Palladian...

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Ralph Allen began building his Palladian mansion, Prior Park, on a hill above Bath, designed by John Wood . He had a practical as well as an aesthetic end: to prove the quality of...


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