Thomas Birch

Standard Name: Birch, Thomas


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Birth Catharine Trotter
Thomas Birch , editor of her posthumous works (and her tombstone, together with most sources until very recently), gave 16 August 1679 as her birth-date, but this would make her improbably young at the time...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Carter
During her time in London, the scholar Thomas Birch paid EC marked attentions. Perhaps he wanted to marry her (though she did not like him); possibly he had a different relationship in mind. He may...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Carter
EC associated on terms of warmth and equality with men of letters or culture such as Samuel Johnson , Samuel Richardson , Thomas Birch , Moses Browne , Richard Savage , William and John Duncombe
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Cooper
In this milieu EC became friendly with the scholars and writers Thomas Birch , James Ralph , and William Oldys . Oldys, a notable antiquary, later helped her with her editing enterprise, both with advice...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Lennox
Somehow Charlotte Ramsay secured patronage from Lady Isabella Finch and her sister the Countess (later the Marchioness) of Rockingham . (She left Lady Rockingham's house, however, after some alleged indiscretion with a young man, possibly...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Carter
The work she translated was Algarotti 's Italian version of Newton 's Optics. The project of translating back from the Italian popularisation of this famous work was recommended to her by Thomas Birch ....
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
This was CT 's greatest success. The young George Farquhar much admired it; it was even praised by Charles Gildon .
Greer, Germaine et al., editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago.
Her association with Congreve, however, brought CT (together with Mary Pix) some hostile...
Literary responses Elizabeth Carter
This work brought EC much attention and praise in print: Thomas Birch wrote a glowing review.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Material Conditions of Writing Catharine Trotter
She had begun work on these remarks during the winter of 1739. They appeared anonymously, dedicated to Pope , in tribute to his argument about the congruence of self-love and benevolence. According to Thomas Birch
Publishing Jane Brereton
The book was issued in two formats, octavo and quarto. An Advertisement identified JB as the Gentleman's Magazine's Melissa. Subscribers included Thomas Birch and Elizabeth Carter . It reprinted other contributions besides those of...
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
The book had gone to press in June 1757.
Feminist Companion Archive.
The original press run of 1,018 copies had to be supplemented with a further 250. First of several more editions was the Dublin one of the...
Publishing Sarah Dixon
SD reveals her gender in her preface merely by her use of pronouns. Her motive for publishing was a dire need of money. An unnamed benefactor in her family supplied the need, but she decided...
Publishing Mary Masters
This volume was printed for the Author. Its 833 subscribers (for 903 copies)
Fleeman, John David, and James McLaverty. A Bibliography of the Works of Samuel Johnson. Clarendon Press.
1: 409-10
included Samuel Johnson , Mrs Gardiner of Snow-Hill, Thomas Birch , a John Cockburne who may well have...
Publishing Catharine Trotter
Historian and biographer Thomas Birch edited CT 's Works posthumously in two volumes (as by Mrs. Catharine Cockburn) with his memoir of her, and published them by subscription.
Trotter, Catharine. The Works of Mrs. Catharine Cockburn. Editor Birch, Thomas, J. and P. Knapton.
Reception Catherine Talbot
Copies of this letter were soon taken. Thomas Birch secured one eight years later; another is in the Bodleian Library; circulation in manuscript continued into the 1760s, to CT 's chagrin.
Myers, Sylvia Harcstark. The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England. Clarendon.


1741, 1743: A private edition of ten copies (only) was...

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1741, 1743

A private edition of ten copies (only) was published of Athenian Letters or, the epistolary correspondence of an agent of the King of Persia, residing at Athens during the Peloponnesian war, written by Philip Yorke (later Lord Hardwicke)

By October 1754: Thomas Birch published his Memoirs of the...

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By October 1754

Thomas Birch published his Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.


Trotter, Catharine. “Life of Mrs. Cockburn”. The Works of Mrs. Catharine Cockburn, edited by Thomas Birch, J. and P. Knapton, 1751, p. i - xlviii.
Trotter, Catharine. The Works of Mrs. Catharine Cockburn. Editor Birch, Thomas, J. and P. Knapton, 1751.