Susanna Watts

Standard Name: Watts, Susanna
Birth Name: Susanna Watts
SW wrote all her life (during the later eighteenth and earlier nineteenth centuries): mostly in unfashionable genres, to earn much-needed income and to forward good causes. She pictured herself as a slave to publishers, fagging and scribling whole summers & winters.
Watts, Susanna. Scrapbook.
She wrote in many genres—poetry (some for children), hymns, fiction, translation, and a guide-book—as well as compiling an anthology and editing a periodical.


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Family and Intimate relationships Anna Mary Howitt
Anna Mary Howitt married Alaric Alfred Watts (1825-1901, great-nephew of writer Susanna Watts ); his courtship was of long standing and apparently little encouraged at first.
Woodring, Carl Ray. Victorian Samplers: William and Mary Howitt. University of Kansas Press.
Lee, Amice. Laurels & Rosemary: The Life of William and Mary Howitt. Oxford University Press.
163, 218
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Heyrick
Susanna Watts had long been like another sister to EH , who now also became a friend of Priscilla Gurney .
Beale, Catherine Hutton, editor. Catherine Hutton and Her Friends. Cornish Brothers.
147, 159, 192
She seems later to have become the friend of another Quaker...
Friends, Associates Eleanor Sleath
ES 's group of friends included the writer Susanna Watts (her distant relation), the Reverend John Dudley (who was suspected of being closer than a friend, and whose wife, Ann , made trouble for Sleath)...
Literary responses Elizabeth Heyrick
She continues to receive less than her due, probably because of the near-unavailability of much of her work. Historian Charlotte Sussman writes of the sugar boycott without mentioning Heyrick more than twice, and without mentioning...
politics Elizabeth Heyrick
With her associate Susanna Watts , EH in 1824 canvassed a large part of the town [Leicester], and from door to door explained her views
Beale, Catherine Hutton, editor. Catherine Hutton and Her Friends. Cornish Brothers.
about sugar as a product of slave...
Textual Production Felicia Hemans
These were collected in her next volume, Translations. Hemans joined a number of other women who had lamented the death of the princess in childbirth on 6 November 1817: Margaret Croker , Susanna Watts
Textual Production Catherine Hutton
Her piece was titled A Sketch of A Family of Originals. By an Original, Their Friend. CH 's particular friends in the family were the mother and Mary Ann Coltman ; her account is...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Pipe Wolferstan
Here she expounds her method of teaching her grandchildren [or step-grandchildren] through play, and features acute critical comment on female writers for children. In particular, she makes detailed, intelligent criticism of Maria Edgeworth 's children's...


22 November 1599: Edward Fairfax licensed with the Stationers'...

Writing climate item

22 November 1599

Edward Fairfax licensed with the Stationers' Company his Godfrey of Bulloigne, or The Recouerie of Jerusalem, his translation of Gerusalemme Liberata by Torquato Tasso (1581), which was published in 1600.

About 1806: Several sources, including some close to...

National or international item

About 1806

Several sources, including some close to the event, claim that Joan Watts , mother of the writer Susanna Watts , was driven mad by her fear of the new institution of income tax.

6 November 1817: Princess Charlotte died at 2.30 a.m. after...

National or international item

6 November 1817

Princess Charlotte died at 2.30 a.m. after delivering a stillborn son. Poor clinical judgement was to blame; intense national mourning and controversy followed.

1 August 1834: The Slavery Abolition Act or Emancipation...

National or international item

1 August 1834

The Slavery Abolition Act or Emancipation Bill came into effect in the British Empire.


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