Standard Name: Bryher
Birth Name: Annie Winifred Ellerman
Self-constructed Name: Bryher
Indexed Name: A. W. Ellerman
Indexed Name: Winifred Bryher
Indexed Name: W. Bryher
Nickname: Dolly
Nickname: Boy
In considering the paucity of credit given to Bryher for her patronage of the influential Contact Press , critic Jayne Marek describes her as an invisible woman.
Marek, Jayne E. Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines & Literary History. University Press of Kentucky, 1995.
Bryher is even less recognized as a writer than a patron: most of her texts are now out of print and have received little critical attention. Her novels, poems, memoirs, and criticism, together spanning much of the twentieth century, form a significant contribution to the development of Anglo-American modernism, particularly through their French and Imagist influences, and their explorations of topics including women's education, gender mutability, psychoanalysis, and film technology.


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Cultural formation H. D.
Of these two companions, Bryher identified herself as lesbian while HD did not. Some commentators, such as Janice Robinson , have described the relationship between them as a lesbian marriage, although both took measures to...
Dedications Margiad Evans
She wrote this book, at least the later parts of it, while she was actually going through the bodily experiences—epilepsy, pregnancy—that it describes.
Evans, Margiad. A Ray of Darkness. Arthur Barker, 1952.
129, 133
The dedication reads: This manuscript is hopefully and precociously dedicated...
Dedications H. D.
H. D. published with the Egoist Press her poetry volume Hymen, dedicated to her lover Bryher and her daughter, Perdita .
Boughn, Michael. H.D.: A Bibliography 1905-1990. University Press of Virginia, 1993.
Dedications H. D.
She dedicated this section to Bryher and Robert Herring , but the second part, written about eighteen months later (following her postwar nervous breakdown) and titled The Guest, to Bryher alone.
Friedman, Susan Stanford. “’Remembering Shakespeare Always, But Remembering Him Differently’: H.D.’s By Avon River”. Sagetrieb, No. 2, pp. 45 -70.
46-7, 53
Dedications Lettice Cooper
LC dedicated to her fellow novelist Bryher her novel Late in the Afternoon, set in Tuscany, London, and an industrial town in northern England.
British Library Catalogue.
Education Marianne Moore
MM attended the Metzger Institute, the private girls' school where her mother was a teacher,
Moore, Marianne. The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore. Costello, Bonnie, Celeste Goodridge, and Cristanne MillerEditors , Knopf, 1997.
then took her BA in 1908 at a women's college, Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania. She followed that with...
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
The couple had been estranged since 1918, and separated since April 1919. The idea of divorce had first been mentioned in 1927, when Aldington hoped to marry Brigit Patmore , but had been quickly dropped...
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
H. D. and Bryher had their first meeting over tea at HD's wartime home in Cornwall.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Aldington, Richard, and H. D. “Introduction and Commentary”. Richard Aldington and H.D.: The Early Years in Letters, edited by Caroline Zilboorg, Indiana University Press, 1992, p. Various pages.
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
It is now generally accepted among HD's biographers and critics that Cecil Gray had fathered the child. HD informed her Richard Aldington , her husband, of her pregnancy while he was still on active duty...
Friends, Associates H. D.
HD's estrangement from Pound continued for years after the end of the Second World War. Then, despite the disapproval of friends such as Bryher and Sylvia Beach , she renewed contact with him in 1960...
Friends, Associates Marianne Moore
MM corresponded with T. S. Eliot from 1921 until the year before his death. She was a friend of H. D. and of Bryher , and her editors believe that every one of her five...
Friends, Associates Margiad Evans
A young poet whom she calls B—, a descendant of Percy Shelley (and therefore presumably of Mary Shelley too), whom she had known since his boyhood, moved from his own cottage to stay with ME
Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
HSW visited Paris with Bryher , H. D. , and Richard McAlmon . While there she met Sylvia Beach .
Lidderdale, Jane, and Mary Nicholson. Dear Miss Weaver. Viking, 1970.
Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
HSW and Bryher were good friends who collaborated on publication projects (Marianne Moore 's Poems, H. D. 's Hymen, and others) and travelled together.
Lidderdale, Jane, and Mary Nicholson. Dear Miss Weaver. Viking, 1970.
177, 244-6, 465
Friends, Associates Dorothy Richardson
In June 1923, DR met and began a friendship with Bryher , who went on to provide her with various kinds of support for the rest of her life. Gloria Fromm describes Bryher as a...


July 1927
Close up. Devoted to the Art of Film began monthly publication in Territet near Montreux, Switzerland.
December 1933
Close up. Devoted to the Art of Films, edited by Kenneth Macpherson and Bryher , ceased publication.
September 1935
Life and Letters To-Day, edited by Robert Herring and Bryher , produced its first quarterly issue in London.
Life and Letters To-day, edited by Robert Herring and Bryher , ceased publication in London.