Hanns Sachs

Standard Name: Sachs, Hanns


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Friends, Associates H. D.
HD built friendships with important figures in psychoanalysis, such as Hanns Sachs , Walter and Melitta Schmideberg , Barbara Low , Stephen Guest , and Mary Chadwick . Later, in analytic sessions with Walter Schmideberg...
Health H. D.
Not long after this, at the urging of Bryher , she met with therapist Hanns Sachs for psychoanalysis in Berlin. Bryher had also undergone psychoanalysis with Sachs. He diagnosed HD as having a mother...
Health H. D.
HD was referred to Freud by her previous therapist, Hanns Sachs . Before agreeing to take her on as a patient and student, Freud read her writings, as well as those of D. H. Lawrence
Leisure and Society Bryher
Bryher was psychoanalysed by Hanns Sachs , one of Freud 's first disciples, in Berlin and Switzerland. She later described the experience as the central point in my life.
Bryher,. The Heart to Artemis: A Writer’s Memoirs. Collins.
Bryher,. The Heart to Artemis: A Writer’s Memoirs. Collins.
253, 257
Textual Production Bryher
The POOL collective produced four silent films, the best-known and most ambitious of which is Borderline (1930). Presenting a seemingly disjointed, obscure mix of racial and sexual conflicts, Borderline shows the influences of Pabst ,...


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