Mary Chadwick

Standard Name: Chadwick, Mary


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Friends, Associates H. D.
HD built friendships with important figures in psychoanalysis, such as Hanns Sachs , Walter and Melitta Schmideberg , Barbara Low , Stephen Guest , and Mary Chadwick . Later, in analytic sessions with Walter Schmideberg...
Health H. D.
H. D. underwent twenty-four psychoanalytic sessions with Mary Chadwick in London.
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Chisholm, Dianne. H.D.’s Freudian Poetics. Cornell University Press.
Literary responses Elizabeth Hervey
The Critical Review thought the protagonist and his adventures too closely modelled on Henry Fielding 's Tom Jones,
Garside, Peter. “The English Novel in the Romantic Era: Consolidation and Dispersal”. The English Novel 1770-1829, edited by Peter Garside et al., Oxford University Press, pp. 2: 15 - 103.
1: 678-9
but it praised the sentiments of piety and the descriptions and incidents—which, it...


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Chadwick, Mary. “’Not in All Things Perfect’: The North Welsh Gentry in Fiction and History”. Female Spectator, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 10-11.