Teresia Constantia Phillips

Standard Name: Phillips, Teresia Constantia
Birth Name: Teresia Constantia Phillips
Nickname: Con
Married Name: Teresia Constantia Delafield
Married Name: Teresia Constantia Muilman
Married Name: Teresia Constantia Montgomery
Married Name: Teresia Constantia Callendar
Married Name: Teresia Constantia de Lantagnac
Used Form: T. C. Phillips
TCP is one of the best-known of the courtesan memoirists of the eighteenth century, though it is still not unanimously agreed that she wrote her own text. Her letter to Chesterfield qualifies her as a feminist. While in Jamaica she turned to writing comment on local politics, some of it in verse.
Head-and-shoulders oval mezzotint of Teresia Constantia Phillips after a painting by Joseph HIghmore. She looks directly at the viewer, in a gown that crosses over at the bust with lace in the cleavage; her hair is arranged in tight curls on top and on her shoulders, decorated with strings of pearls. Her name is written below.
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Anthologization Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
The favourable reception of her first work, says ESG , has emboldened her to embark on this fuller account of her life, although the writing of it has been painful and she does not expect...
Literary responses Sarah Fielding
The book's admirers included (perhaps embarrassingly) the courtesan Teresia Constantia Phillips , who praised it in her Memoirs.
Catto, Susan J. Modest Ambition: The Influence of Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, and the Ideal of Female Diffidence on Sarah Fielding, Charlotte Lennox, and Frances Brooke. University of Oxford, 1998.
Jane Collier in her commonplace-book not only noted that Mrs Teachum has the Swift ian...
Literary responses Harriette Wilson
Contemporary admirers of HW on literary grounds included Walter Scott , who praised her dialogue and intelligence, and thought her out and out
Thirkell, Angela. The Fortunes of Harriette. Hamish Hamilton, 1936.
a better writer than Teresia Constantia Phillips or others in the...
Reception Laetitia Pilkington
MP's work was controversial from the beginning. It became the topic of newspaper paragraphs and of pamphlets. Several answers to it seem to have been written by Matthew Pilkington , and one answer to him...
Textual Production Sarah Chapone
Remarks on Mrs. Muilman's Letter to the . . . Earl of Chesterfield, by a Lady, appeared, addressing the courtesan memoirist T. C. Phillips and now known to be by SC .
British Library Catalogue.
London Magazine. C. Ackers.
(September 1750): 432
Textual Production Charlotte Charke
CC published in instalments A Narrative of her life, which she said she had begun writing about five years earlier.
This kind of serialisation, in a series of pamphlets rather than normal-sized volumes, had been...
Violence Philip Dormer Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield
It is now known that Philip Stanhope was not, as was long believed, the Thomas Grimes who brutally raped the thirteen-year-old Teresia Constantia Phillips on 17 November 1721.
Phillips, Teresia Constantia. An Apology for the Conduct of Mrs. T. C. Phillips. Printed for the author, 1750.
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By November 1750
Robert Dodsley issued his successful work of homespun philosophy, The Oeconomy of Human Life, whose title-page announced it as translated from an Indian manuscript.
By March 1751
Tobias Smollett published his novelThe Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.