Henrietta Howard, Countess of Suffolk

Standard Name: Suffolk, Henrietta Howard,,, Countess of


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Friends, Associates Mary Barber
To this year belongs one of her only two letters to Swift that are known to survive, largely taken up with gossip about Lady Suffolk 's leaving her place at Court.
Real, Hermann J. “’To the Dean’: A New Letter by Mary Barber”. Swift Studies, Vol.
, pp. 17-26.
Literary responses Eliza Haywood
Rumour had it that Pope was already displeased at EH 's treatment in Caramania of his friend Henrietta Howard , who was the Prince of Wales's mistress. The enmity begun at this time had long-lasting consequences.
Occupation John Wilson Croker
JWC became a lawyer, (moving from Ireland to London after the Act of Union) a Tory MP, an editor of several eighteenth-century texts (including letters by Lady Hervey and by Henrietta Howard, Lady Suffolk )...
Publishing Mary Barber
He concluded, let Mrs Howard know that I recommend you to the Queen ,
Stewart, Wendy. “The Poetical Trade of Favours: Swift, Mary Barber, and the Counterfeit Letters”. Lumen, Vol.
, pp. 155-74.
though he declined to supply a direct introduction to a potential royal patron. Two months later Gay wrote to Swift...


August 1717: Henrietta Howard, later Lady Suffolk, wrote...

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August 1717

Henrietta Howard , later Lady Suffolk, wrote an introspective memorandum on her own relation to the institution of marriage.


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