William Thomson

Standard Name: Thomson, William,, Archbishop of York
Used Form: Archbishop of York


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Occupation Frances Power Cobbe
FPC became, with George Hoggan , Honorary Secretary of the new society, which they co-founded. Prominent supporters included the Earl of Shaftesbury , who became the first president, the Archbishop of York , politicians James Stansfeld
Travel Elizabeth Rigby
She made her way to the Holbein Exhibition at Dresden via Cologne, Brunswick, Leipzig and Berlin. In January 1872 she was in England again, visiting the palatial home (completed in 1855) of...


2 November 1864: The Times reported that William Thomson,...

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2 November 1864

The Times reported that William Thomson , Archbishop of York, speaking at the Huddersfield Church Institute , Yorkshire, condemned sensation fiction as tales which aimed at this effect simply—of exciting in the mind some...

1866: Louisa Twining and several prominent male...

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Louisa Twining and several prominent male reformers joined together to found the Association for the Improvement of Workhouse Infirmaries .


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