Annie Tinsley

Standard Name: Tinsley, Annie
Birth Name: Annette Turner
Married Name: Annette Tinsley
Nickname: Annie
Pseudonym: One of Them
Used Form: Annie Turner
AT began as a poet and was forced by financial need to become a novelist and short-story writer. The antiquarian Henry Peet lists thirteen principal works; others appeared in local periodicals, and some are untraced.


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Textual Features Margaret Croker
This remarkable book, a novel of two generations, is unusual in every way. The first heroine has her life is ruined (but not in the predictable way) as a consequence of an early extramarital pregnancy...
Textual Production Catherine Gore
The title of CG 's anonymous novel Women as They Are; or, The Manners of the Day, linked it to a reformist tradition running from Robert Bage in 1792, through Barbara Hofland in 1815...


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Tinsley, Annie. Darkest Before Dawn. Smith, Elder, 1864.
Tinsley, Annie. Fellow Travellers; or, The Experience of Life. Hurst and Blackett, 1858.
Tinsley, Annie. Lays for the Thoughtful and the Solitary. Longman, 1848.
Tinsley, Annie. Margaret; or, Prejudice at Home. R. Bentley, 1853.
Tinsley, Annie. The Children of the Mist, The Conqueror, and Other Poems. G. Lutz, 1827.
Tinsley, Annie. The Cruelest Wrong of All. Smith, Elder, 1858.
Tinsley, Annie. The Priest of the Nile. Whitaker, 1841.
Tinsley, Annie. Women as They Are. R. Bentley, 1854.