Sylvia Lynd

Standard Name: Lynd, Sylvia


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Family and Intimate relationships Evelyn Sharp
About her turn-of-the-century years and her first group of literary friends, ES wrote later, we fell in and out of love with and without disaster, like other people.
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
But the significant falling in love...
Friends, Associates Rose Macaulay
RM also regularly attended the gatherings of the Friday Hampstead Circle , presided over by Dorothy and Reeve Brooke and later by Sylvia and Robert Lynd . These gatherings were attended by RM 's friends...
Friends, Associates Mary Webb
In London, despite the shyness that made literary life difficult for her, MW became friends with May Sinclair , Robert and Sylvia Lynd , Rebecca West , novelist and critic Edwin Pugh , and Lady Cynthia Asquith
Intertextuality and Influence Ethel Wilson
Accounts vary as to how EW 's first serious publications came about. One is that in 1936 she showed three stories to Reggie Tupper , a friend with an appreciation for literature. He encouraged her...
Literary responses Theodora Benson
Richard Sunne wrote in the New Statesman and Nation of Shallow Water, Miss Benson's soufflé is perfect, and she serves it under a magical salamander, so that each piece retains its lightness and its...
Publishing Ethel Wilson
The interest in a film adaptation nonetheless proved profitable in the end, since it eventually led Macmillan, London , to reconsider an English imprint of the novel. In September 1947, a contract was signed for...
Residence Stella Benson
During this visit to London, SB met many cultural, political, and social figures, including Wyndham Lewis (who drew a sketch of her), David Garnett , Kingsley Martin , Charles Morgan , Phyllis Bottome ,...
Textual Features Flora Macdonald Mayor
The Rector's Daughter showcases once again FMM 's ability to make literature and her own experiences immediately relevant, as well as her outspokenness. Condensing the friction between the dying Victorian world and the modern world...


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