Robert Lynd

Standard Name: Lynd, Robert


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Friends, Associates Rose Macaulay
RM also regularly attended the gatherings of the Friday Hampstead Circle , presided over by Dorothy and Reeve Brooke and later by Sylvia and Robert Lynd . These gatherings were attended by RM 's friends...
Friends, Associates Mary Webb
In London, despite the shyness that made literary life difficult for her, MW became friends with May Sinclair , Robert and Sylvia Lynd , Rebecca West , novelist and critic Edwin Pugh , and Lady Cynthia Asquith
Literary responses Mary Webb
Robert Lynd noted with admiration this novel's tempestuous energy.
Davies, Linda. Mary Webb Country. Palmers Press.
Though it was praised to some degree by critics on its appearance, it did not sell above a thousand copies. (No book of MW
Literary responses Mary Webb
This exemplifies the double-edged nature of MW 's reputation. On the one hand she has become almost synonymous in the public mind with the genre she made famous: the romantic, earthy, rural novel. Her early...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
In her diary on 3 May 1921, Virginia Woolf , who had not yet read the novel, accurately predicted that it would win the Hawthornden Prize. Six days later, she recorded her disappointment in it:...


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