Anne Manning

Standard Name: Manning, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Manning
Indexed Name: Mrs Rathbone
Pseudonym: The Author of Mary m
Pseudonym: The Author of The Ladies of Bever Hollow
AM published, from mid-nineteenth century onwards, over fifty titles. She is most famous for her historical novels, some of them issued as a pastiche of documents centuries old. She also wrote a series of novels of domestic, provincial, contemporary life, and turned her hand also to many other genres: religious, devotional, and philosophical works, history, short fiction, biography, autobiography. In addition, she edited a couple of works by Beatrice Braithwaite Batty .


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Carpenter
MC 's father, Lant Carpenter , was born on 2 September 1780 to Mary née Hooke and her husband, carpet manufacturer George Carpenter .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Lant Carpenter
His father left the family after his business...
Fictionalization Margaret Roper
Fictional portraits of MR have flowed in a steady stream, often adopting the colouring of later ages, as Tennyson 's MR in Dream of Fair Women, 1832, is a near-Victorian ideal, and Paula Vogel
Fictionalization Anne Askew
Knowledge of AA 's writing spread rapidly. The reactionary Stephen Gardiner , Bishop of Winchester, complained on 6 June 1547 of the number of copies in circulation.
Beilin, Elaine V., and Anne Askew. “Introduction”. The Examinations of Anne Askew, Oxford University Press.
John Foxe gave it a still wider...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah Mary Rathbone
The Athenæum noted that the first volume was printed and bound in seventeenth-century style so well that had we stumbled on it in some old library, we should have rejoiced over a newly discovered literary...
Literary responses Julia Stretton
Charlotte Yonge , writing in Women Novelists of Queen Victoria's Reign, published in 1897 by Margaret Oliphant and others, grouped JS with Lady Georgiana Fullerton and Anne Manning as similar in the purity and...
politics John Milton
This is an argument which defends Milton's behaviour, and later Milton critics have offered different defences of him in the light of different ideas about what constitutes good behaviour in matters of gender. Meanwhile a...
Textual Features Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
Written specifically for use in Sunday Schools, it relates the sufferings of Protestant Martyrs such as Anne Askew , Katherine Hut , and Elizabeth Thackvel . The sufferings of Anne Askew (here seen as martyr...
Textual Features Jean Ingelow
The poems in this collection include Kismet, Lovers at the Lake Side, and Nature, for Nature's Sake. Several of the poems explore more dark and serious matters. The Maid-Martyr, for example...


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