Jerome McGann

Standard Name: McGann, Jerome


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Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
Little is known about Letitia's mother, Catherine Landon , née Bishop.
Glennis Stephenson (later Byron) spells the name in her biography and in the ODNB with a C; Jerome McGann and Daniel Riess spell...
Literary responses Kathleen Raine
Jerome McGann , however, insisted that KR does not overestimate the need to establish Blake's tradition,
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
46: 317
and agreed with her on the importance of recovering the sources of Blake's special symbolic language to...
Literary responses Laura Riding
Critic Jerome McGann asserts that LR , while making no claim to transcendent poetic power, makes poetry out of her own power to rise above her subject. In this he associates her with Felicia Hemans
Literary responses Mary Robinson
The Critical Review praised MR 's brilliancy of fancy, and command of poetical language; but added that the ear is oftener addressed than the heart in her productions.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
2nd ser. 19 (1797): 114
Literary responses Christina Rossetti
Early feminist attention to CR made much of the portrayal of sisterhood in Goblin Market. Jerome McGann inaugurated a burst of important new scholarship on her in The Beauty of Inflections, 1985, and...
Literary responses Ann Yearsley
Again one of Yearsley's most perceptive readers was Anna Seward , who wrote to Helen Maria Williams on Christmas Day 1787 that Yearsley and Burns were both miracles . . . . Perhaps she has...
Literary responses Ann Yearsley
Elizabeth Isabella Spence , reporting on a visit to Bristol, mentions AY as an example of an obscure woman writer of genius.
Spence, Elizabeth Isabella. Summer Excursions. Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme.
In 1990 Donna Landry wrote of her complex contradictions under the heading...
Literary responses Joanna Baillie
Very few copies sold.
Baillie, Joanna. “Introduction”. The Selected Poems of Joanna Baillie, 1762-1851, edited by Jennifer Breen, Manchester University Press, pp. 1-25.
The single review, recalled by JB as significant, was by the Rev. William Enfield , who wrote in the Monthly Review of November 1791, that the poems were simple, unexaggerated,...
Literary responses Ann Batten Cristall
The Critical Review discerned in the collection considerable merit and the hand of genius: so much so that it felt it safe to overlook a few blemishes (though it mentioned some for the sake...
Literary responses Martha Fowke
While still anonymous, the author of these poems has attracted appreciation from Isobel Grundy (for smash[ing] so many preconceptions, including the idea that the theme of courtship or seduction belongs to male rather than female...
Literary responses Martha Fowke
Critic Jerome McGann enjoys this poem's lovely antitheses, playful surprises, and delicate eroticism,as well as its subtle and significant revision of the critical ideas of Alexander Pope .
McGann, Jerome. The Poetics of Sensibility: A Revolution in Literary Style. Clarendon.
This combination, he...
Occupation Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Interest in him as a painter and writer has remained fairly steady since his death, increasing after the work of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood came into greater favour in the later twentieth century. Jerome McGann ...
Publishing L. E. L.
The resurgance of interest in LEL has led to reprints of her work. Her Critical Writings were published in 1996.
L. E. L.,. Critical Writings by Letitia Elizabeth Landon. Editor Sypher, Francis Jacques, Scholar’s Facsimilies and Reprints.
Facsimiles have appeared of her most significant works, Ethel Churchill, The Vow of the...
Reception Felicia Hemans
FH was slow to register on the radar of recuperative feminist critics. Cora Kaplan was an early exception in her anthology Salt and Bitter and Good, 1975.Margaret Homans in her early attempt to...
Textual Features Ann Yearsley
AY 's biographer, Mary Waldron , argues that though willing to exploit the element of pathos in her circumstances in order to advance her sales or her reputation, she presented sorrow or suffering less as...


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