Glennis Stephenson

Standard Name: Stephenson, Glennis
Used Form: Glennis Byron


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Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
Little is known about Letitia's mother, Catherine Landon , née Bishop.
Glennis Stephenson (later Byron) spells the name in her biography and in the ODNB with a C; Jerome McGann and Daniel Riess spell...
Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
Scholar Cynthia Lawford notes that Stuart was the maiden name of Jerdan's mother, and that this name is a variant of that of the famous Lady Arbella Stuart , who had briefly stayed in LEL's...
Reception L. E. L.
More recently, however, LEL has been subject to critical revaluation, as feminist critics have questioned the historical processes and aesthetic standards that led to her exclusion from the literary canon, and are developing increasingly complex...
Reception Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The first monograph feminist studies of EBB were by Helen Cooper , 1988, and Angela Leighton ,1989. Other significant studies have appeared by Deirdre David (in Intellectual Women and Victorian Patriarchy, 1987), Glennis Stephenson (later Byron)
Residence L. E. L.
Biographer Glennis Stephenson (later Byron) points out that LEL left the family almost immediately after her father's death, which suggests that her ties to her mother were weak. Landon preferred to live in the city...


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Stephenson, Glennis. Letitia Landon: The Woman Behind L.E.L. Manchester University Press, 1995.