Margaret Homans

Standard Name: Homans, Margaret


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Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
Rich was during her lifetime and still is widely acclaimed and honoured as a major poet, theorist, and critic of culture. Her poetry and prose have been examined in literary and social criticism, and in...
Literary responses Felicia Hemans
FH was slow to register on the radar of recuperative feminist critics. Cora Kaplan was an early exception in her anthology Salt and Bitter and Good, 1975.Margaret Homans in her early attempt to...
Reception Emily Brontë
Muriel Spark vigorously promoted the work of the Brontës in the mid twentieth century, and Winifred Gérin was another important early biographer. Later in the century, J. Hillis Miller provided an influential deconstructive reading of...
Textual Production Queen Victoria
QV 's legacy obviously extends well beyond her writings to her incalculable political and cultural influence. During the years 1858-1914 a hundred and fifty books about her were published in Indian vernacular languages.
Mount, Ferdinand. “Strange Little Woman”. London Review of Books, Vol.
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